Heidi Klum admits she’s had ‘sleepless nights’ over Halloween costume

  • ‘It’s going to be really extra,’ the supermodel, 50, told DailyMail.com
  • She admitted that her team had had reservations about last year’s ‘worm’ look
  • But, for 2023, she’s as determined as ever to go with her gut, costume-wise

Heidi Klum has vowed that her 2023 Halloween costume will be as ‘extra’ as ever – which is saying a lot in the wake of the seven-foot-tall, realistically textured earthworm suit she donned for last year’s festivities.

‘It’s going to be extra. It’s going to be really extra,’ she exclusively told DailyMail.com from the America’s Got Talent red carpet. 

The AGT judge, 50, added that she’s lost sleep agonizing over the concept for her next costume, which is set to follow a decades-long streak of headline-making Halloween disguises for the former Victoria’s Secret model.

‘I have had sleepless nights over it. You know me,’ she said of making the decision. 

Heidi Klum, 50, admitted to DailyMail.com that she's lost sleep in agonizing over her costume plans for the upcoming Halloween

Heidi further admitted that her 'team' had expressed reservations about her dressing up as a realistically textured earthworm for Halloween 2022

The AGT judge went on to describe how her ‘team’ had expressed more-than-mild ambivalence about the notion of her doing a ‘worm’ costume.

‘They were like, “A worm, really?” They kind of wanted me to think of a plan B and a plan C, but I’m not like that,’ Heidi insisted. ‘For me, it is plan A.’ 

In her view, as she put it, to really ‘succeed in plan A, you have to really go after plan A.

‘If you are thinking of all different other things, then it’s not going to be a success or it’s not going to be that major,’ she continued, adding that she’s generally dead-set on sticking with her ‘plan A’ when it comes to her annual costume.

‘Everyone around is always like, “Think of something different. This is crazy. And the worm is crazy,'” she continued of fielding feedback on her costume idea.

She went on to describe that ‘this time around’ the ‘same thing’ is happening – with her team imploring her to ‘think of a plan B.’ 

And, though her team surely has her best interests at heart, Heidi made it clear that she won’t be swayed by naysayers.

‘I have to admit, I love it. And then my gut, I feel like it’s going to be good,’ she continued of her 2023 costume idea.

Almost two decades ago, for Halloween in 2006, Heidi made a biblical appearance on the red carpet as the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden

Heidi took the form of Hindu goddess Kali, who rules over death and time, in 2008

Heidi leaned in to her bombshell sex appeal as cartoon-hottie Jessica Rabbit for her 2015 Halloween getup

Heidi donned green prosthetics for her 2018 costume as Princess Fiona from Shrek

‘I never know if it will be good until the day, and I don’t want to let my Halloween fans down. There are so many creative people around the world and I don’t want to let them down.’

As part of her worm costume last year, the model’s hubby, Tom Kaulitz, 33, joined in on the fun, arriving with Heidi dressed as a fisherman who’d ‘hooked’ her. 

But Heidi told DailyMail.com that her family ‘is not involved’ in whatever her ‘plan A’ costume is for Halloween 2023. 

For her 2011 costume, Heidi showed up in a human-musculature-patterned bodysuit

She also showed up as an old-lady version of herself in 2013

The TV personality’s propensity for over-the-top Halloween looks has been on public display since 2000. That was the year she showed up to a party as ‘Heidi … but a little bit more S&M,’ as she told Page Six of what would prove to be a rather subdued choice in contrast to Heidi’s future Halloween getups.

Since then, her costumes have spanned a wild range of genres and concepts: from cartoon characters – for instance, Betty Boop in 2002, Jessica Rabbit in 2015 and Shrek’s Princess Fiona in 2018; to mythical figures – as with Lady Godiva in 2001, or in 2008 as the Hindu death goddess Kali; to objects – such as the forbidden apple from the Garden of Eden in 2006; and beyond. 

As for other versions of herself, she also went as an old-lady Heidi in 2013; and, in 2011, she showed up in a skin-tight human-musculature-patterned bodysuit, embodying something of a flayed Heidi.


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