Helen Flanagan reveals she’s ‘shaken’ after crashing her £70,000 car

Helen Flanagan walked away shaken but unscathed after crashing her £70,000 Audi.

The former Coronation Street star, 33, had been out pumpkin picking with her three children Matilda, seven, Delilah, four, and Charlie, two when the unexpected accident happened.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday night, Helen explained that her dad had to pick the children up from her ex-fiancé Scott Sinclair as she couldn’t drive.

She said: ‘My dad’s just gone to get the children. I couldn’t go, I couldn’t drive… it wasn’t a big deal but I crashed my car.

‘The kids were fine, I was fine but I was pumpkin picking and all I did was reverse into a piece of wood because I can’t park to save my life.

Shock: Helen Flanagan, 33, took to Instagram to tell her followers that she had accidentally crashed her car while out pumpkin picking with her children

Unscathed: The mum of three said that everyone was fine and that the incident was really a big deal but she needed her dads help

‘I just thought I’d scratched my car but I took the whole of my bonnet off. Wow… and my car’s new aswell.’

Helen also opened up about struggling to cope with being separated from the kids as they spent time away at their dads.

She said: ‘I get my kids back today so I’m excited about that, they’ve been away for half term.

‘I do really miss them when they’re away. It always feel really weird.’

Talking about starting another school term, Helen confessed that she prefers it when her children are with her, saying: ‘I love my kids not at school, I much prefer it when they’re at home. I love it when they’re with me.’ 

She also hinted that she had some ‘exciting’ things coming up, and revealed she had some ‘nice working news coming up’ but that she couldn’t share it just yet.

It comes after Helen’s daughter Matilda hilariously let slip her mum is back on the dating scene again – one year after her split from Scott Sinclair.

Speaking on a TikTok live on Helen’s account together, Matilda split the beans on her dating life, disclosing she has a date planned with a mystery man. 

Clumsy: Revealing that she can't park to save her life the former Coronation Street star admitted that she reversed into a piece of wood that took her whole bonnet off

Struggling: Helen also opened up about how she copes being separated from her kids when they spend time away at their dads and she prefers when they're with her than at school

Cheeky: Speaking on a TikTok live on Helen's account together, Matilda spilt the beans on her dating life, disclosing she has a date planned with a mystery man

Exciting: The former Coronation Street star is finally on the road to find love again, her eldest revealed - one year after her split from Scott Sinclair

Family: Helen, shares Matilda, seven Delilah, four, and Charlie, two, with ex Scott, who she has split from after 13 years together

Matilda said: ‘My mum’s going on a date with someone tomorrow and I think she said he’s very hot.’

Helen, looking embarrassed, replied: ‘Do you like the look of him? I think he looks quite nice.’

Matilda replied: ‘But you think he’s really hot.’

Helen said: ‘Yeah I know, but Matilda I’m a bit nervous actually because I don’t know him.’

Her eldest said: ‘Yeah but you have this dating app, so you look at these boys but some of them do this, [creating a boy impression].’

The actress continued: ‘Most of them look really creepy don’t they….’

Matilda joked: ‘Yes’.

Helen and Scott split in July last year after 13 years together and the star has made it clear they will not be rekindling their romance.


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