Here are the airlines offering the BEST flight deals on Veterans Day

  • Savings can be made on carriers including United and American Airlines 
  • Travellers are snatching up deals for destinations such as Aspen and Chicago 

Travellers looking to fly on Veterans Day should keep an eye out for holiday savings on their flights as online booking services offer discounted rates. 

Savings can be made on a number of carriers, including United, American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, ahead of November 11.

Eager holiday-seekers have already been snatching up deals for destinations such as Aspen, Chicago, and Hawaii.

With flight prices recovering from an all-time high, one of the best ways to get cheaper flight tickets is to book one 30-45 days in advance.

Airlines are accepting various coupons for people looking to fly on Veterans Day and other holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas

Five-day round-trip vacations are typical amongst travellers looking to visit loved ones or go on a fun getaway.

New Yorkers looking to fly to Aspen out of Laguardia on December 5 with United Airlines should expect to spend about $792. 

Savannah residents hoping to visit Chicago through American Airlines from December 5-10 will be able to pay a lesser amount – $647.

Travellers planning to take a trip to Hawaii from December 5-10 will be using United and Hawaiian Airlines and look to spend about $1,000 on flights. 

Travelers who flew round-trip flights over Thanksgiving and Christmas last year paid for tickets that, according to CNBC, were ‘the most expensive in five years.’

The BTS estimated that the average ticket price for 2023 was $388, which is $38 higher than the $350 plane ticket people were expected to pay last year to fly over Thanksgiving. 

Airlines frequently offer holiday flights during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ticket prices have increased during those holiday seasons, and hit its peak in 2022

The 2022 ticket price to fly over Christmas in the US was a staggering $463, while its international price was $1,300. 

There are two additional ways to save on plane tickets, such as booking a flight with an online travel agency to get deals. 

People also choose to subscribe to newsletters for airlines that could offer exclusive deals to subscribers and rewards members. 

As the cost of plane tickets in 2023 have increased every year since 2020, any discounts could mean more money to spend on vacation. 


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