Here, Baby Stormi Got You Her Impression of a Robot for Christmas – Vulture

Your mileage on lavish Jenner and Kardashian Christmases may vary, but hopefully a toddler impersonating a robot is enough to take you to the North Pole, and maybe back. Last December, Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi proved herself a tiny gourmet chef, and last month she made festive cupcakes that would have had the Grinch realizing he needed to work on himself before he made off with Whoville’s holiday cheer. And sure, were those adorable Grinch cupcakes a tie-in with her Momager’s Dr. Seuss-themed winter make-up drop? Yes, but Stormi’s instinctive computer voice while admiring a robot-shaped ornament during the pair’s decoration tour is genuine holiday fun to make your heart grow three sizes. And hey, if Kylie decides to make a robot capsule collection based on that moment later, well, that’s not our fault, and it’s definitely not Robo-Stormi’s.


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