Here’s How Old the ‘Cobra Kai’ Actors Are in Real Life –

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In case you missed it, Cobra Kai recently made the move to Netflix, and with it, new audiences are getting acquainted with the story of Daniel LeRusso and Johnny Lawrence from the original Karate Kid film (played brilliantly, of course, by legends Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, respectively). With the reboot also comes a new cast of memorable supporting characters, like Robby Keene and Miguel Diaz. Unlike many other television shows where adult actors might be playing teens or even characters way older than they are, this cast actually portray roles pretty close to their actual ages (a first!).

Wonder how old Macchio or Zabka is after all these years? Here are the actual ages of the cast on Netflix’s Cobra Kai compared to their characters’, including the slate of new Karate Kid universe figures.

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1 Ralph Macchio

Portrays: Daniel LaRusso

Age: 58

While fans still remember him for his role in the OG film in the ’80s, Macchio’s age of 58 sits about right for a character meant to be in his mid-fifties.

2 William Zabka

3 Martin Kove

Portrays: John Kreese

Age: 74

As the head sensei of the new Cobra Kai dojo, Kreese knows a thing or two about coaching a tournament.

4 Tanner Buchanan

Portrays: Robby Keene

Age: 21

Although Johnny’s son in the series is meant to be a high-school student, Buchanan’s a tad older IRL.

5 Mary Mouser

Portrays: Samantha LaRusso

Age: 24

Despite portraying a teenager in the series, Mouser’s actually in her mid-twenties.

6 Xolo Maridueña

Portrays: Miguel Diaz

Age: 19

For a teenage character who’s geared up to become the 21st century karate kid, Maridueña’s tender age of 19 doesn’t feel too far off.

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7 Gianni DeCenzo

Portrays: Demitri

Age: 16

As a sixteen-year-old, DeCenzo is just learning his way around working in Hollywood… just like his character Demetri, who’s trying to figure out his own identity.

8 Courtney Henggler

Portrays: Amanda LaRusso

Age: 41

At age 41 and after two decades in Hollywood, it makes sense why Henggler fits the role the role of Amanda, one of the lone voices of reason within the series.

9 Jacob Bertrand

Portrays: Hawk

Age: 20

While he might play a highly emotional teenager who takes out all his inner rage in the dojo, Bertrand’s tender age of 20 makes him a bit older (and wiser) than his character.

10 Paul Walter Hauser

Portrays: Stingray

Age: 33

If there’s any character who’s the complete opposite to Johnny Lawrence, it’s Stingray. In real life, the actor playing him is in his mid-30s, which feels pretty right for his character.

11 Peyton List

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