Hilarious images show what happens when vacations go VERY wrong

After a year of working hard and saving up the money to go on a lavish trip, it is not unreasonable to have high expectations for your holiday.  

And while everyone has sun, sea and sand in mind, these people received a rather different experience.  

This quirky gallery of vacation fail images from around the world has been put together by Bored Panda

One image shows a couple posing for a romantic photograph in the Dominican Republic, except a Spider Monkey photobombed their shot. 

Another shows the reality of going to a touristy area, as they travelled to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, to see the Mona Lisa, only to be greeted with a large crowd in front of the famous painting. 

Holiday from hell! People from around the world have been sharing their shocking pictures from vacations gone wrong - including one woman who got the shock of her life when she went to take a selfie with a camel and it bit her head

A man was rather disappointed when he went to go and see the The Torii Gate In Hiroshima, Japan, only to find it had scaffolding around it. 

A holidaymaker left their car parked in  Houston, Texas, only to find their tyres had been stolen when they came back to it.

A woman also recieved the shock of her life when she posed for a selfie with a giraffe, only to have it bite her head. 

Here, FEMAIL have rounded up the best images that may make you cry with laughter or shake your head in disbelief. 

Surprise! This couple posed for a romantic photograph in the Dominican Republic but it was photo-bombed by a Spider Monkey

Something seems fishy: Someone tried to take a sweet underwater snap of their wife during their honeymoon but the sea creature got in the way

Uh oh! One holidaymaker is unlikely to have the best start to their trip after their suitcase was abandoned in the middle of the airport

Instagram vs reality! One person expected to be able to see the Mona Lisa in Paris - but instead only managed to get a picture of the large crowd at the museum

This man was disappointed when he visited the The Torii Gate In Hiroshima, Japan, only to find it had scaffolding around it

Pit stop anyone? This holidaymaker in Texas was shocked when they came back to their car, only to find the tyres had been stolen

This husband and wife went to Los Angeles, California for a trip, but their holiday snap was photobombed by a police officer tackling someone to the floor

This holidaymaker said the booked a room with a sea view, but they were disappointed to find their only view was in fact a brick wall

This person hiked up a mountain only to have a cheeky monkey steal his water as soon as they reached the top

This holidaymaker went on a long kayaking trip but it ended with him getting the strangest sun burn


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