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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for anyone obsessed with Christmas movies. Whether you love the classics or have a thing for family-friendly comedies, you’ve got to hand it to Hollywood. They know how to produce some unforgettable films.

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Love Actually 

A modern classic, Love Actually is one of the world’s most beloved ensemble Christmas movies. 

Starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, and Liam Neeson, the film revolves around different love stories, all featuring characters who are in some way connected to one another. 

Catch it on AMC, Nov. 26 at 3pm EST. 

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Philo makes life easier for viewers who want to simplify their streaming experience — and who don’t want to deal with the hassles of cable TV, including channels you never even watch. Endless commercials? Limited DVR? No, thanks.

With Philo, those issues are history. You can fast forward through the advertisements, stream on up to three devices simultaneously, and store anything for up to a year. And for holiday movie enthusiasts, the service has plenty of joyous content to put you in a festive frame of mind starting this week. Here are just a few of the highlights.

My Southern Family Christmas 

Spend Thanksgiving evening indulging in this cozy movie about Campbell, who finally meets her biological father — but doesn’t reveal her identity to him. 

As she gets to know him and his family, she must grapple with the choice to tell him who she is or to keep it a secret forever. How will her choice impact the family’s Christmas? 

Catch it on Hallmark, Nov. 24 at 8pm EST. 

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A Royal Corgi Christmas 

Dog lovers will appreciate this movie centering around Prince Edmond, who hopes to appeal to his mother by giving her a sweet corgi. Unfortunately, the cute dog also happens to be uncontrollable, so the prince hires a trainer to prepare the new furry companion for the upcoming Christmas ball. 

The two grow closer as they work on their mutual goal. Will the corgi be ready in time — and what does the future hold for the prince and the trainer? 

Catch it on Hallmark, Nov. 25 at 8pm EST. 

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Steppin’ Into the Holiday 

This holiday romance stars Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer dancing their way through the season. Lopez is Billy Holiday, who meets Rae (Kramer), a dance studio owner who teaches Billy’s nephew. 

Billy helps Rae plan a dance recital to raise funds for a student trip to Broadway. Together they revive the city’s Christmas Eve show, a showcase for the area’s best and brightest. Watch the sparks fly! 

Catch it on Lifetime, Nov. 25 at 8pm EST. 

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A Tale of Two Christmases 

Can you be in two places at once? In this enchanting exploration of what could be, Emma lives out her holiday dreams in two wildly different scenarios — all courtesy of a little magic! 

In one, she celebrates the season with her crush and his friends, and in the other, she goes home to visit her family and see Drew, the longtime friend who harbors feelings for her. What makes Emma the happiest? 

Catch it on Hallmark, Nov. 26 at 6pm EST. 

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The 12 Days of Christmas Eve 

This Christmas is bittersweet for Brian, played by Kelsey Grammar. He’s never been more successful, but he’s also divorced, not getting along with his daughter, and doesn’t have much of a relationship with his granddaughter. 

After an accident, Santa Claus grants Brian 12 chances to do the day over — and to mend those relationships. Watch as Brian learns the true meaning of the holiday season. 

Catch it on Lifetime, Nov. 26 at 8pm EST. 

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A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe 

This light-hearted film features Annie, who takes over her late grandmother’s cookie business in an effort to restore it to its former glory. There’s only one problem: grandma’s secret recipe has been stolen, and it’s up to Annie to solve the mystery. 

She teams up with local bakery owner Sam — who turns out to be so much more than just an investigative partner. What will the two cook up this Christmas? 

Catch it on Hallmark, Nov. 27 at 6pm EST. 

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