Homeowner repels three intruders with a kid’s scooter

See the crazy moment a man tries to repel three alleged home intruders with a kid’s scooter at the same time as a stolen ute crashes through the front window

  • A 49-year-old man fended off three intruders in Logan
  • The man was stabbed during the home invasion
  • He attacked the thugs wielding a kid’s scooter 

A man has fought off three alleged home intruders single-handedly with a kid’s scooter as another offender in the group crashed an allegedly stolen ute through the house in a violent break-and-enter incident.

The 49-year-old victim was allegedly stabbed in the stomach during the savage confrontation inside a home at Logan’s Bahrs Scrub south of Brisbane on Thursday afternoon. 

Footage of the three men, two of them sporting bright orange hi-vis shirts, showed them huddled at a glass front door attempting to make a get away. 

Two of the intruders took turns to try and ram the door open with brute force as the homeowner swung the scooter at them.

One of them wore a black face covering, black shorts and black slides as he tried to smash the door open with his shoulder. 

The three men - two of them sporting bright orange hi-vis shirts - huddled at a glass doorway attempting to make a getaway while the plucky man inside the home launched at them with a kid's scooter (pictured)

Another intruder wearing grey, black and white pants tried to push past the victim before making a running start towards the door.

But he fell backwards when the door still wouldn’t budge. 

He then smashed the man inside the home in the head after the occupant ran towards them – attacking all three with the scooter.

As the melee continued inside, an allegedly stolen Ford Ranger slammed through the large front window adjacent to the door – dislodging the frame while sending broken shards and debris flying. 

The intruders finally managed to kick the front door in and make their escape.

A vehicle was seen taking off as the resident ran out after them still clutching the scooter with shouting heard in the background. 

Logan Detectives investigating the violent home invasion confirmed a man was stabbed during the incident before being taken to Logan Hospital.

Officers said three people broke into the Bahrs Scrub home on Thursday, May 18 at 215pm.

‘A 49-year-old man confronted the group before a physical altercation occurred in which he sustained a stab wound to the stomach,’ police said in a statement.

An accomplice who was waiting outside in a stolen Ford Ranger smashed through the home in a bid to set his mates free (pictured)

A vehicle was then seen taking off as the resident ran out after them still clutching the scooter (pictured)

‘A waiting Ford Ranger, stolen from Algester on May 17, has then driven into the front of the home, causing damage.

‘The group have then entered the car and driven from the scene.’

 The brave victim remains in a stable condition. 

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Detectives are appealing to anyone with information, relevant CCTV or dashcam footage in the area at the time to come forward.


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