Honeymoon horror as Ohio newlywed dies in freak waterskiing accident

  • Nate Kuhlman died in a freak waterskiing accident on Tuesday 
  • The Ohioan had only married his wife Marian three days before 

Heartbreak has struck an Ohio newlywed couple after a husband was killed in a freak waterskiing accident on his honeymoon just three days after tying the knot. 

The tragedy occurred after Nate Kuhlman married his wife Marian on October 28th and they jetted off to a dream honeymoon on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. 

Details over how Nate lost his life remain unclear, with it only known that he lost his life in a horror waterskiing accident, according to WFLA

In a fundraiser set up after his death, the newlywed was described as a ‘wonderful husband, friend, son and brother in Christ.’ 

Nate Kuhlman and his wife Marian (pictured on their wedding day) saw their dream honeymoon turn into a nightmare as he lost his life just three days after they tied the knot

In a fundraiser set up after his sudden death, Nate was described as a 'wonderful husband, friend, son and brother in Christ'

The fundraiser continued: ‘He was able to thoughtfully encounter every person he met and those who had the blessing of a relationship with him would be able to tell a list of stories detailing what a fun, kind, and adventurous soul he was. 

‘Nate tragically lost his life three days after his wedding. Words cannot describe the heart break there is for his story and for his family.’ 

Two fundraisers set up to help the family deal with the heartbreak have already raised a total of more than $100,000. 

In a Facebook post shared after the accident, Nate’s mother, Heather Kuhlman, said she was flying to St Lucia after her son was ‘in the arms of Jesus.’ 

‘Nate’s death took all of us by surprise and just took our breath away,’ she wrote. ‘By God’s grace, we are ok. It’s so hard and painful, but we are walking each day one moment at a time.’

‘I am sad that Nathaniel is no longer here with us, but I know he is very much alive in heaven and will be praying for us.

‘Please keep us in your prayers as we bring Nate home,’ she added. 

Details over how the newlywed died are unclear, with it only known that he tragically lost his life in a waterskiing accident

One person who attended the couple's wedding said it 'could not have been more beautiful'

Tributes have poured in for the Ohioan after his sudden death, with one person who said she was in attendance at his wedding saying it ‘could not have been more beautiful.’ 

‘Nate is a treasured friend,’ she continued, noting that he was also set to be a groomsman at another friend’s wedding next week. 

‘He was a special part of the young adult group and it is devastating news to our community… please pray for the repose of Nate’s soul and for everyone who loves him and misses him, especially his bride and his family.’  


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