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All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

*Aries (March 21-April 20): Much travelling is foreseen today and will be to your advantage, both personally and professionally. Those looking for a house on rent will manage to find one that fits the bill. Your financial condition is not bad, but you have the potential to earn much more. Going on the profession front will be easy today and give you time to clear the backlog. Some of you may get a step closer to coming back in shape. Parents or family elders may expect you to go along with a decision that they have taken, but don’t worry it will be in your favour.

Love Focus: A great time is assured for those in love as your romantic aspirations are shared by lover.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Alphabet: H

Friendly Numbers: 12, 14

Friendly Zodiac Today: Leo & Scorpio

Be careful of: Cancer

*Taurus (April 21-May 20): Delay is foreseen in a journey by road. On the academic front, things begin to turn favourable. A short and swift victory is assured for those in a legal tangle. Spending on a major item can get you in two minds. Going on the professional will be easy today and give you time to clear the backlog. You will resolve to remain regular in your workouts just to remain fit. You can derive immense satisfaction by making the home front aesthetically appealing.

Love Focus: You are likely to catch the eye of someone from the opposite camp.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Alphabet: L

Friendly Numbers: 18, 20

Friendly Zodiac Today: Pisces & Libra

Be careful of: Leo

*Gemini (May 21-Jun 21): Suitable accommodation is likely to be taken on rent by those looking for one. Getting a good offer on the academic front is likely, but will require efforts. You are likely to profit from a venture. Financial prospects are on the ascendent as money from an unexpected source comes to you. An issue at work which is giving you tense moments will be finally sorted out. You will manage to steer to total fitness by adhering to your daily routine. Tensions on the family front cannot be ruled out. Stars for travel look bright and your programme for a journey will go as per plans.

Love Focus: A friend may act as a catalyst in bringing romance into your life.

Lucky Colour: Maroon

Lucky Alphabet: G

Friendly Numbers: 20, 22

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Aries

Be careful of: Aquarius

*Cancer (Jun 22-July 22): Some of you may take a break from the routine to enjoy a vacation. Constructing a house or acquiring an apartment cannot be ruled out for some. Financially, you will be on solid ground and inch towards increased earning. Your active life is set to make a marked improvement in your life. Some of you can remain busy in completing a task given on the professional or academic front. You are likely to get full liberty on the home front to exercise your initiative

Love Focus: Working in close proximity may get you closer to someone from the opposite gender.

Lucky Colour: Cherry

Lucky Alphabet: M

Friendly Numbers: 4, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Libra

Be careful of: Sagittarius

*Leo (July 23-August 23): Your spirit of adventure promises to take you out on a happening trip. Property matters are likely to lean favourably on your side. Students will be able to seek guidance to overcome academic difficulties. You are likely to strike gold today and go laughing all the way to the bank! Trust luck for that! You may not be involved in an important project on the professional front, but may be asked for advice. Dietary control will become a key to your good health. The day will remain satisfactory as you get a chance to enjoy the company of your friends and relatives.

Love Focus: Differences in love life need to be addressed immediately.

Lucky Colour: Chocolate

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 16, 20

Friendly Zodiac Today: Sagittarius & Cancer

Be careful of: Libra

*Virgo (August 24-September 23): Progress on the academic front will be more than satisfactory. A secret affair seems most thrilling at this point of time. Some new sources of income open up and add to your coffers. There is a need to complete all your pending work urgently before you get loaded with some new tasks at work. You will find your condition improving, as you make steady progress recovering from an ailment. Celebratory mood prevails on the home front. You can become a part of a fun trip being organized by a friend. A property issue that has been worrying you may be easily laid to rest.

Love Focus: Your old love interest can appear out of nowhere to brighten your day.

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Lucky Alphabet: G

Friendly Numbers: 9, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Libra

Be careful of: Pisces

*Libra (September 24-October 23): You may undertake a long journey with someone close. Setting up a new house or getting one built will give an immense sense of achievement. Your focus on the academic front remains unwavering and will help you achieve your objective. Financially, some of you are likely to regain some lost ground. Changes that you desire to initiate on the work front will have to wait for now. Something new introduced on the health front will prove beneficial. You are likely to enjoy the company of a distant out of town relative.

Love Focus: Chances of love blossoming cannot be ruled out, as an opposite number gives you the eye.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Alphabet: K

Friendly Numbers: 8, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Cancer & Scorpio

Be careful of: Gemini

*Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Some ambiguity may persist on the academic front, but you will manage to turn it to your advantage. You can feel pleased with yourself for an achievement. Financially you stand to gain by returns from previous investments. This is an excellent time to invest in a popular scheme, if you want to see your money grow. Leading an active life will not let minor ailments visit you. Travelling to a picnic spot with friends is possible and will be fun. A property matter promises to turn out the way you had wanted it to.

Love Focus: You can get into a romantic mood and plan an evening out.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Alphabet: D

Friendly Numbers: 14, 16

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Leo

Be careful of: Cancer

*Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): A new addition in the form of an asset is likely to be acquired. Preparing for an exam or competition will go along smoothly. Financially, you are likely to find yourself on a solid wicket. Today, you may find yourself hard pressed for time in completing office tasks. Those feeling under the weather will show marked improvement. Meeting members of the extended family is on the cards for some. Enjoying a ride with someone close cannot be ruled out for some.

Love Focus: Lover’s romantic ideas may simply amaze you, so just follow the directions!

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 15, 17

Friendly Zodiac Today: Gemini & Scorpio

Be careful of: Taurus

*Capricorn (December 22-January 21): A journey may prove to be thrilling and help you enjoy to the hilt. House owners will succeed in earning a good rent from their property. You are likely to help someone excel on the academic front. Things begin to look bright on the financial front for some. Placing your personal work before official tasks will be easy in the present work scenario. Those ailing are likely to recover and enjoy good health soon. Spending time with children or younger siblings will help in cementing loving bonds.

Love Focus: Spouse may need your guidance in accomplishing something.

Lucky Colour: Silver

Lucky Alphabet: A

Friendly Numbers: 6, 8

Friendly Zodiac Today: Libra & Gemini

Be careful of: Leo

*Aquarius (January 22-February 19): Planning a trip with family and friends is possible. A property issue will be amicably settled without recourse to legal proceedings. Chances of negotiating a favourable financial deal look real. Professional front will remain busy, but tension free. Health will remain satisfactory through your own efforts. You will be able to get the things done that you had desired for long on the domestic front.

Love Focus: Care and support of spouse or lover will provide a sense of immense fulfilment.

Lucky Colour: Bottle Green

Lucky Alphabet: N

Friendly Numbers: 4, 7, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Sagittarius

Be careful of: Taurus

*Pisces (February 20-March 20): Much excitement is in store for those planning a trip to someplace exotic. You will be able to buy the property you had been wanting for long. You enjoy the best of everything by your deft manipulation. Some monetary perks are likely to be reintroduced brightening up the financial front. Your aptitude for multitasking will be much in evidence today as you finish your tasks efficiently. You are likely to become conscious of your health and become more regular in daily exercise routine. You are likely to enjoy the company of a young member of the family.

Love Focus: Newlyweds will have eyes only for each other today!

Lucky Colour: Light Green

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 1, 2, 4

Friendly Zodiac Today: Capricorn & Sagittarius

Be careful of: Libra

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