Horror as manager of Kyle Sandilands severs genitals in accident

The manager of radio personality Kyle Sandilands has suffered a devastating blow to his manhood. 

On Tuesday’s episode of The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Sandilands revealed that his longtime manager Bruno Bouchet was trimming his public hair when he slipped and slashed his penis.

Calling in to the show to explain the situation, Bouchet announced, ‘I’ve got a gash on my dick!’

It was then suggested that the wound may need stitches, as it ‘bled for days’.

He added, ‘I had to wrap it up with surgical tape and it looked like an Egyptian mummy!’ 

Bruno Bouchet, who is the manager of Kyle Sandilands, slashed his penis while trimming his public hair. (Pictured together)

Bruno is currently married to producer Laura Bouchet and the couple have two children together.

He previously worked as a talent producer on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, and is now the managing director of Kyle’s King Kyle Group.

The multifaceted entertainment and investment company manages Sandilands, as well as producing content for film, television, publishing, and radio.

King Kyle is behind Amazon’s hit real estate reality series, Luxe Listings Sydney.

Calling in to The Kyle and Jackie O Show to explain the situation, Bouchet announced, 'I've got a gash on my dick!'

Luxe Listings has been a huge hit for the streamer and is even set to launch its own Toronto-based spin-off next year.

In a 2021 interview, Sandilands boasted that King Kyle was worth upwards of $100million.  

While Sandilands admitted he’s no expert in all areas of his business, he insisted that ‘surrounding himself with knowledgeable people’ has always been the key to his business success.

‘I’m no expert in anything except for talking s**t. But I’m a very good listener as well, so I do listen to anyone that I employ to run different parts of the operation… and then I just monitor everything,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.


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