HORROR in the skies: the most DISGUSTING plane mishaps in history

  • The ‘Delta Diarrhea’ incident isn’t the only toilet tragedy to plague our skies
  • Countless disgusting incidents have taken place over the years -over our heads
  • Take a look at some of the most disgusting stories of plane mishaps

You’d want to be a mile-high away from this mess – at least. A Delta Airlines flight made headlines worldwide recently after it was forced to turn back due to a passenger’s explosive diarrhea mid-flight. 

Th plane was traveling from Atlanta to Barcelona when disaster struck; and an unwell passenger suffered a horrific bout of diarrhea which was deemed a ‘biohazard’ by the pilot.

The plan turned around and  five hours later the aircraft was clean – which included the entire carpet being torn up and replaced – but the memories of the soiled interior will forever live in the minds of the unfortunate passengers on board.

The plane was met on the ground by emergency vehicles who took the passenger off the plane before it was cleaned and passengers re-boarded the flight. 

‘This is a biohazard issue,’ the pilot described the situation in the audio posted by LiveATC.com. ‘We’ve had a passenger who’s had diarrhea all the way through the airplane, so they want us to come back to Atlanta.’

Eight hours and 13-minutes later,  the plane finally touched down in Barcelona at 5:10pm – eight hours behind schedule – with relieved passengers taking to social media to share their woeful tales and praising the airline staff for their speedy and effective cleaning.

But the Delta disaster hasn’t been then only on a flight, as DailyMail.com takes a look through some of the most horrifying flights that had more excrement than excitement.

The Delta Airlines flight was forced to return to Atlanta after a passenger suffered a horrific bout of diarrhea that caused 'biohazard issue'

Andre the Giant’s ‘world record breaking’ mid-flight poo

Andre the Giant, whose real name was André René Roussimoff, is known as one of the most celebrated wrestlers of all time. 

The world famous wrestler – who died in 1993 at age 46 – once stood at a massive 7.35ft tall and was even know as the ‘eighth wonder of the world. 

However, he allegedly suffered an incident mid-flight when traveling from Tokyo to the US on a Boeing 747 which could also qualify as record worthy – but not in a way that would win him any awards.

The wrestler – who reportedly ate 20 pounds of food a day – once did the ‘world’s biggest poo’ on a flight, leaving guests revolted over not only the smell, but the sounds on board the aircraft.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, fellow wrestler Brutus Beefcake spoke about the flight saying he’d, ‘never heard anything like it.’

‘The sounds that are coming out of there,’ he recounted.

‘The smell that started coming forward, the back of the plane had a lot of people. There were people falling out of their seats and into the aisles,’ Brutus continued. 

‘Gagging, puking, crying, screaming, and we were all falling on the floor laughing ourselves sick. I couldn’t breathe. He must have half filled-up a garbage bag full of s***.’

Wrestling wasn't the only thing Andre the Giant was world famous for, reportedly  doing 'the world's biggest poo' on a flight

Last call for flight food poisoning with Japan Air Lines

Mid-flight diarrhea on a flight is bad but how about 197 passengers all getting food poisoning simultaneously?

That very thing happened in 1975 for some unfortunate people on board the flight from Alaska to Copenhagen.

According to a study in the medical journal The Lancet, nearly 200 passengers were seized by a gastrointestinal illness and symptoms of nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.

According to the 1975 report, a ham and omelet that was served for breakfast was was the cause of the outbreak, believed to be from bacteria that was spread by blisters that were on a cook’s fingers as he prepared the Danish canned ham.

Service dog soils the aisle

 It’s not only humans that get sick and cause planes to divert. In 2014, a service dog named Truffles relieved itself in the aisle of the plane twice – making passengers vomit.

US Airways Flight 598 was traveling from Los Angeles for Philadelphia and where it seems the pet was suffering ‘fully-fledged dog-diarrhea.’ 

Airline staff desperately tried to clean up the mess with paper towels and disinfectant, eventually laying towels on top so that passengers could get by. 

However the Truffles just needed to go again, with the stench getting so bad passengers were dry-retching in their seats.

‘The second time after the dog pooped they ran out of paper towels, they didn’t have anything else,’ passenger Steve McCall told Inside Edition at the time. ‘The pilot comes on the radio, ‘Hey, we have a situation in the back, we’re going to have to emergency land.”

Truffles the service dog caused a scene on the US Airways flight, with the dog relieving itself twice mid-flight

Transatlantic tragedy in the aisles of a Virgin Australia flight

Sitting far away from a toilet on a long-haul flight? On this journey, the flight bought to toilet to the passengers.

In 2014 a Virgin Australia flight was forced to turn around just three hours into it’s 14-hour journey, after a toilet situation got out of hand.

Disgusted passengers complained of an ‘unbearable’ stench after liquid from bathrooms ran down the aisles of the plane.

However the airline denied claims that human waste had made its way into the cabin,  described it as a ‘fresh water overflow’ from lavatory sinks.

Passengers on the Virgin Australia flight leaving from Sydney deemed it 'unbearable' - and not just due to it's duration

Staging a feces-filled protest

Canceled flights can make even the most rational person mad but here’s hoping someone doesn’t retaliate like this man did – by taking a dump in the aisle.

Just year, an unhappy passenger decided to display his dissatisfaction with a flight delay,  defecating on the floor of the with British Airways plane and smearing it into the seat.

‘During boarding a passenger stripped from the waist down and defecated on the galley floor. He sat in it and rubbed it onto the galley floor and aisle carpets,’ a witnesses’ report, as published by the Sun, read.

‘He walked in it and started running up the aisle as far as Door 4. He smeared his arms to elbow in fecal matter, and door seats as he went.’

The flight was delayed for three hours, with the incident considered incident a  ‘hygienic biohazard.’

A Boeing 777-336 jet taken taken out of service to re-board passengers, and the airline issued a statement apologizing to the passengers on board. 

B.O. bye bye 

Body odor can be powerful – so powerful in fact it can cause a whole aircraft to have to make an emergency landing.

A Transavia aircraft travelling from Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands to Gran Canaria in 2018 was forced to land in Portugal, due to one man’s overpowering body odor – that was so repulsive it caused others to vomit and faint.

At one point, flight crew reportedly tried to quarantine the ‘unwashed’ man in a toilet before the pilots decided to divert the flight. 

 The airline cited ‘medical reasons’ for the emergency landing – but it was unclear if they referred to the offensive passenger or those who were overcome by his smell.

An airplane full of tourists was forced to divert after a passenger's foul-smelling body odor reportedly caused those around him to vomit and faint.

Breaking wind results in  barbaric brawl

Outkast said it best when they sang: ‘I know you’d like to think your s**t don’t stank, but lean a little bit closer, see roses really smell like poo-poo-ooh.’

Transavia flights had a smelly year in 2018, with another flight from Dubai to Amsterdam forced to make an emergency landing in the Austrian capital of Vienna after a passenger could not stop farting, which caused a brawl between several passengers.

 A police spokesman confirmed that the incident centered around a passenger suffering from wind who was not attempting to restrain himself, which offended two Dutch men on the flight. It’s not clear whether the man accused of breaking wind had a medical condition that caused it.

24-hours of British Airways hell 

There was crying, screaming and throwing up – and not due to excitement on a British Airways jet in 2013, after it was forced to make two emergency landings in 24 hours.

The flight from Saudi Arabia to London was forced to return twice after the jet’s wing flaps jammed  during take off- twice.

Around 70 furious passengers staged a protest, refusing to leave the plane for five hours as it sat on the runway in Saudi Arabia in temperatures of 122 degrees. 

Before both landings, the packed jet had to circle over the desert dumping 20 tons of fuel to ensure it was light enough to land safely. Ambulances and fire crews ‘chased it down the runway’ as it returned on both occasions, passengers said. 

70 passengers refused the leave the aircraft again after their flight made an emergency landing twice

City of love – and blood-soaked seats

Passenger were forced to sit blood and poo-soaked seats during a seven-hour flight from Paris to Toronto earlier this year, after the passenger before them reportedly ‘hemorrhaged’ in his seat. 

Habib Battah, his wife their two cats were taking their seats on an Air France flight when they noticed a strange smell. 

Having a closer look at his seat he then checked his cats to make sure they hadn’t had any churn-worthy incidents in their carrier – he found a wet stain on the floor around 20 inches long and wide, informing the passing flight attendant. 

‘I said it smells like merde – s**t,’ he recounted. ‘She handed me wet wipes. I started wiping and it was red – blood red. And it kept coming up red. I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ I just wanted to see what it was. After a while, one of the flight attendants said, ‘You’d better go wash your hands, and here are some gloves.”

He was later told a passenger in his seat had ‘hemorrhaged’ – and the cleaning crew had forgotten to  clean the floor.

As the flight was full packed flight there was no room for Battah and his wife to change seats, forcing them to sit in the blood smelling seats for next seven hours.

To make matters worse, they later found out there was feces mixed in the with blood. 

Battah, a journalist, said: ‘I’ve been covering Beirut for 20 years as a journalist. I’ve lived through wars, airstrikes, seen assassinations, car bombs, and narrowly survived the port explosion. I thought I’d seen it all. I didn’t expect to find more blood than I’ve seen in Beirut on an Air France plane.’ 

Habib Battah and his wife were flying with their two cats in the footwell. When he noticed that the stains had soaked through to the container he used a whole pack of wet wipes to clean it

Chemical clean up on aisle AA729

An airliner flying from the UK to the U.S was forced to reroute to Ireland in 2019 after crew fell unconscious and passengers were ill due to a chemical spill.

American Airlines flight AA729 from Heathrow to Philadelphia was rerouted to Dublin airport, with the smell of the liquid leaving passengers and crew unwell and reporting burning eyes and itchy skin.

Flight watchers Twitter feed, Airport Webcams, reported two crew were unconscious and passengers had burning eyes after cleaning liquid was spilled. 

Two members of crew and a passenger were taken to hospital after the flight landed, the airline has confirmed.

A spokesman for the airline said: the flight’s  emergency diversion was caused by a spilled cleaning solution in the galley. 

Paramedics are pictured on board the American Airlines flight after it was forced to land in Ireland when a chemical spill left crew and passengers ill

 Man goes on trip, vomits on airline staff

 A man on a plane flying from Vietnam to Australia had a bad trip – in more ways than one – after he vomited a nylon bag of white powder suspected to be heroin.

In 2015, a passenger on board a Vietnam Airlines plane had been in the air for an hour when the man became unwell. vomiting up the nylon bag.

The aircraft made an emergency landing at the Tan Son Nhat Airport, where the man coughed up two more bags of white powder. 

He was detained by police and taken to hospital.

Smelly poo grounds British Airways flight 

It was a case of c****y luck for the passengers on this flight, after their plane was forced to turn around because of a ‘smelly poo’ in the toilet.

A British Airways flight in 2015 was forced to turn around after just 30 minutes in the air, due to a ‘pungent smell’ coming from one of the toilets, which the pilot reportedly described as ‘liquid fecal excrement.’

A woman who worked for the airline at the time explained it was a health and safety, which is why the flight had to make an emergency landing.

‘When you’re up at that altitude the cabin has to be pressurized so the problem is that anything like that is actually a health and safety problem because only 50 percent of the air is being recycled and cleaned,’ the explained to a UK radio station.

Paris-bound flight descends into vomit chaos

In 2015 an Indiana was charged after a Delta Air Lines Flight 500 from Indianapolis was diverted to Detroit Metropolitan Airport following a disturbance.

Ian Robert James Morin, who was then 21, was accused of assaulting a flight attendant on a Paris-bound flight and vomiting aboard the aircraft.

According to a statement from the FBI,  Morin hit one of the flight attendants with an open hand to the left side of her throat near her carotid artery and vomited during the incident. 


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