Hotel guest told by stranger to ‘go back to Africa where you’re from’

Moment stranger is caught on camera racially abusing hotel guest as he tells her: ‘Go back to Africa where you’re from’

  • Woman told by angry shirtless guest  ‘you’re getting deported in the morning’ 
  • Staff at the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Birmingham denied seeing racial abuse

Shocking footage caught the moment a woman staying at a hotel was told to ‘go back to Africa where you’re from’.

Pee Zed, 40, from Leicester, UK was abused by a man in Birmingham after she intervened in a fight outside a hotel.

She was then berated by the topless guest in the lobby while staying at the Hampton by Hilton hotel on Broad Street.

Ms Zed had started to record the fight in front of her, before the man turned on her and started shouting abuse. 

Inside the hotel he called her ‘a fat c***’ and told her to ‘f*** off, while his companion tried to diffuse the argument.

Pee Zed was abused by a guest while staying at the Hampton by Hilton hotel in Birmingham

The topless guest was captured on video repeatedly hurling insults at the woman, telling her to 'go back to Africa where you're from'

He then asked Ms Zed: ‘Who pays for your room?’, before further hurling further insults, calling her a ‘tw*t’ and ‘f***ing idiot’.

After labelling her as fat, video footage captured telling her to ‘go to Africa where you’re from’. 

While pointing at the camera, he added: ‘You couldn’t do this in Zimbabwe’, to which Ms Zed joked: ‘He works for the Home Office apparently.’

When his friend tried to stop him threatening the woman with more abuse, he shouted back: ‘No! I don’t care!’

The man was then shown yelling at the guest that ‘you’re getting deported in the morning’.

Hitting back, Ms Zed told him: ‘I’m giving you to the hotel. They’ll kick you out.’

As more people entered the lobby, the man snarled at her: ‘Even the bouncers will think you’re psycho’.

The clips ends with the victim being chased into the lift.

The man further labelled Ms Zed 'a fat c***' and a 'tw*t' and was shown trying to chase her into a lift

The man turned on her when she intervened in an argument on the street outside the hotel

Speaking about her experience, Ms Zed said: ‘The incident occurred during the early hours of July 10, 2023 just outside and inside the lobby of Hampton by Hilton hotel in Birmingham city centre’

‘By the time I started recording, his friend was trying to stop him. He was harassing me for about 20 minutes as he kept following me in and out of the lifts because I didn’t want to share a lift with him.

When she tried to report the guest’s behaviour to hotel staff, Ms Zed says she was told there was nothing that could be done and that the man was leaving that morning anyway.

She says she also contacted the police,. both straight after the incident and when she returned home to Leicester, who told her they wouldn’t be taking the matter further.

‘When I was back in our room I called the police and they said they’d send an officer later that morning but they never did,’ she said. 

‘They did call me a few days later when I was back in Leicester just to check on me but made me aware that they were not pursuing it further.

‘I told them about my footage but they didn’t seem interested.’

Ms Zed, who has lived in the UK for 25 years, says she has been abused before

She added: ‘This incident made me feel very angry and humiliated. I stayed in the hotel for another day after this.

‘I don’t feel as though racism is taken very seriously in the UK as I’m currently dealing with previous physical attacks in Leicester which are still under police investigation.

‘I have lived in England for 25-years and this man threatened to get me deported.

‘I know a lot of good white people so this incident will never make me stereotype British Caucasians but I’m certainly disgusted, angered and disappointed by some people’s attitudes including the police and hotel’s response.’

A spokesperson for Hilton said that it did not tolerate any abuse towards guests or staff but denied that staff had witnessed a racially-motivated attack.

They said: ‘Our staff witnessed a very brief disagreement between two guests in the early hours of the morning on July 10 in our hotel reception area, but our team did not witness any racial discrimination.

‘Had they done so they would have called the police and reported the matter.’

MailOnline has contacted West Midlands Police for comment. 


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