Houston football player, 14, dies weeks after suffering horror injury

  • Cain Lee, 14, spent three weeks in a coma after suffering a brain injury 
  • The Houston teen was injured on October 11 in a football game 
  • Tributes poured in for the football player at his funeral on Wednesday 

A Houston teen has died three weeks after suffering a horror brain injury during a football game. 

Cain Lee, 14, was injured on October 11 in a Southwest Football league game, and spent three weeks in a coma until he passed away on October 30. 

A vigil was held for the young sports fanatic on Wednesday in Houston, Texas, where his loved ones described him as a popular, caring teenager who was ‘a friend to everyone.’ 

His father Cody Lee recalled to the Houston Chronicle about the time that his son even secretly donated clothes to another student in need. 

‘I noticed a young man wearing a sweater… and I said, ‘He’s got a sweater like you,” Lee said. 

‘(Cain) said, ‘Well, he didn’t have anything nice, Dad. So I’ve been sneaking clothes from home to give him my clothes so he wouldn’t be embarrassed when he was in school.” 

Cain Lee, 14, passed away on October 30 three weeks after sustaining a brain injury on the football field

Lee (right) spent three weeks in a coma after undergoing surgery on the brain injury before he tragically succumbed to his injuries

At his funeral on Wednesday, Lee was remembered as a 'talented athlete and natural leader' who was known as a kind and popular teenager

Little information has been released over how Lee suffered the injury on the field, with it only known that he sustained a brain injury that required surgery.  

Tributes have poured in after his untimely death, with the teen survived by his parents, an older brother and a twin brother. 

One of the speakers at his funeral, Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, told the crowd the state senate would adjourn Wednesday in his honor as she read a resolution honoring the teenager. 

‘He went on to endear himself to many friends and he was recognized by others as a talented athlete and a natural leader,’ Buckingham said, reading from the resolution.

‘Whereas Cain demonstrated character and compassion far beyond his years, those traits combined with his deep devotion to his faith, his family and his country made him a source of inspiration to everyone around him.’ 

Lee was an eighth grader at Lutheran South Academy middle school, and school principal Jeremy Brumm read memories from other teachers and coaches of the fun-loving student. 

‘I have about 10 memory cards that say they we’re Cain’s best friend,’ Brumm said. 

‘He was truly a friend to all, and a best friend to many. Even the teachers counted him as a friend.’ 

Other students spoke of how Cain was always a presence at the school, and one teacher recalled the sports fan proudly showing his classmates pictures of fish he had caught. 

As Cain's (right) loved ones paid tribute to him at a vigil this week, his school principal said: 'He was truly a friend to all, and a best friend to many. Even the teachers counted him as a friend'

The sports fanatic suffered the horror injury on October 11 while playing in the Southwest Football League

After the horror injury occurred at a Southwest Football League game, the remaining games of this season in the league will hold a minute’s silence in Lee’s honor.  

While many remarked on his sporting ability at his funeral, the 14-year-old’s coaches said his personality shone through his physical achievements. 

‘Never would you hear about Cain telling you about anything he did,’ his baseball coach Darrin Forse said. 

‘It was always about what somebody else did. That was the person he was. It was never about his accomplishments. It was about somebody else’s accomplishments.’ 

When the teen was fighting for his life in hospital, his uncle Troy Carroll said on social media that Cain was ‘one of the most amazing and wonderful young men I have ever known.’ 

‘He is like a light that just draws everyone in. He gives off true joy to anyone around and leaves an impact on every person he comes in contact with,’ Carroll added. 

His uncle Troy Carroll, pictured with Cain on his lap, said the teen was 'one of the most amazing and wonderful young men I have ever known'

While many remembered the teenager for his love of sports, tributes said his bright personality shone through his athletic ability

Outdoorsman and hunter Roger Raglin, a hunting influencer and member of the National Outdoor Hall of fame, said he met Cain several times and knew him as a popular and kind child. 

‘He just had a way about him that you knew that that kid was a special kid and he was going to do special things in his life,’ Raglan said in a video shared to social media.  

The Professional Baseball Academy shared a number of images showing Cain playing for them over the years, starting from as a young child. 

‘Sometimes we take so many things for granted,’ the team said. 

‘Cain passed away from injuries sustained while playing a game he loved. This was a selfless kid who cared more about everyone else and how they did then how he performed.

‘As I always say the game is just that a game it’s the players we get to know and love and see become young men is what it’s all about. 

‘Cain we love you and will honor you everyday ! Thank you for allowing me and our association to be a part of you. You were family RIP my son. I will miss you!’ 


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