how Biden spent two decades golfing at one of best clubs in country

  • Biden doesn’t publicly brag about his love of golf – its elitist image contrasts with his ‘Amtrak Joe’ persona 
  • After he played his first round of golf at Fieldstone as president in April 2021, Biden joked to reporters: ‘The course record is still intact’
  • Biden belongs to two private golf clubs in Wilmington, Del. 

Joe Biden has spent over two decades playing golf at one of the country’s top private clubs – after being gifted entry by the controversial DuPont heiress who founded it.

Biden isn’t as public about his love of the game as his predecessors Barack Obama and Donald Trump – shunning the elitist image associated with golf for his ‘Amtrak Joe’ persona. 

The 80-year-old was ranked as one of Washington’s best golfers a few years ago with a 6.7 handicap, but he hasn’t recorded a round since 2018. 

He plays most often at his home golf course: Fieldstone Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware, which was named one of Golf Inc.’s ‘Most Admired Private Clubs.’ 

He’s been a member for over two decades and is still able to this day because of the membership chemical fortune scion Lisa Moseley gifted him.

Moseley died at 87 in 2016, 18 years after her third husband hired two hitmen and a porn star to murder her younger son’s prostitute girlfriend.

She also became the center of an FBI probe that briefly targeted Biden before he became vice president but found no evidence he did anything wrong. 

President Joe Biden finishes a round of golf in Wilmington, Delaware, in April 2017 - his first game at Fieldstone since being elected president

As president he has played 22 rounds on the course, and often goes to the club on a Saturday when spending the weekend at his home in Greenville, a gated, exclusive nearby.

He also belongs to a second private golf club in Wilmington where he has yet to visit as president.

While Obama and Trump often played with celebrities or pro-athletes, Biden tends to stick to games with family members of close friends: Ron Olivere, who was the late-Beau Biden’s father-in-law, is a frequent member of Biden’s foursome. 

Former Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman and White House Counselor Steve Ricchetti also have played with the president. And grandson Hunter Biden gets in some games with grandpa.

White House Counselor Steve Ricchetti played golf with Biden at Fieldstone in April 2021

Biden’s love of golf shows one of the discrepancies between his self-portrayed image as a man of the middle-class and the senator who courted powerful local families like the DuPonts to further his political career.

On the rare occasions he talks about golf, Biden has downplayed how good he is at it. 

In 2014, when he was vice president and mulling his political future, Biden told then Irish prime minister, Enda Kenny: ‘If you want to keep your handicap in golf don’t run for president.’

And after he played his first round of golf at Fieldstone as president in April 2021, Biden joked to reporters: ‘The course record is still intact.’

Joe is not the only family member who belongs to Fieldstone, which doesn’t publicly reveal its annual fees that are rumored to be $1,000 to $10,000 a year. Hunter Biden was a member from December 2001 to August 2003. 

It’s unclear if the late Beau Biden was ever a member. Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015, was a member of the Wilmington Country Club, another private golf club that Joe Biden joined in 2014, when he was vice president. 

But it’s Biden’s membership in the exclusive Fieldstone club that has been under scrutiny.  

In 2007, the FBI secretly investigated him for joining the club after the owner waived the $34,000 joining fee. The FBI was probing whether whether Biden had received a monetary benefit that he should have disclosed that in his financial reports, The Washington Post reported. 

Ultimately the secret probe did not result in allegations of wrongdoing. It’s unclear if Biden even knew about it.

But the story behind it involves a scandalous and wealthy DuPont heiress whose husband paid for the murder of her younger son’s drug-addled prostitute girlfriend. 

And, it even has a cameo appearance by David Weiss, the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden, and who, was at the time, an assistant in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware.

After he played his first round of golf at Fieldstone as president in April 2021, Biden joked to reporters: 'The course record is still intact.'

Joe Biden (center) playing golf in June 2011 with then House Speaker John Boehner (right) and then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich (left)

Biden, to this day, repeatedly refers to himself as one of the ‘poorest men in Congress.’ He also repeatedly tells the story of his father’s hardship during his childhood, having to leave Scranton, Pa., where the jobs had dried up and move to Wilmington. 

But Biden also has amassed wealth during his lifetime. His Wilmington home, in Greenville’s wealthy, gated community, is worth close to $2 million. He and wife Jill own a beach house in Rehoboth Beach valued at $3.4 million.  He is worth an estimated $10 million, according to Forbes. 

And, in 2001, when he joined the golf club, he was an ambitious senator on the make, both socially and politically.  

Lisa Dean Moseley founded Fieldstone Golf Club in Wilmington, Del.

Membership in the Fieldstone Golf Club would have offered Biden entry into the highest levels of Wilmington society, which contained a number of wealthy business leaders thanks to the state’s tax laws. 

Those leaders could also help support his political career. 

Biden had one failed presidential bid but was considering another run. His 2008 presidential bid failed but he would ultimately make to the White House in 2020.

Lisa Dean Moseley, the founder of the club, was the great-great-great-granddaughter of the DuPont company founder and was a prominent member of Wilmington society.

In 2001, Biden was allowed membership in Fieldstone via ‘an unused warrant held by Fife Hill LLC,’  which was a company controlled by Moseley.

Fieldstone was established as a partnership and partners were allowed to give a warrant to a guest – as Moseley did for Biden. The partnerships cost $34,000 each.

‘People who are in Lisa’s position with a lot of money, as a general rule, like to ingratiate themselves to people who are in positions of power,’ Joseph Hurley, a Wilmington attorney who grew up with Biden and represented Moseley, told the Post. ‘Lisa was the type of person that had to have her way … and to be able to say a United States senator from Delaware is a friend of mine is something important to a person such as herself.’ 

It’s unclear if Biden bought a partnership or what dues he paid to be a member of the club, where he still golfs as president. 

It’s also unclear what yearly membership fees he pays. He is still a member and regularly plays golf there on the weekends he stays at his Wilmington home. 

The White House did not respond to’s inquiry.

A White House spokesperson told The Washington Post: ‘These bizarre suggestions from more than 20 years ago are confusing given the fact that the Post is reporting that President Biden was fully responsible for membership dues at the golf club and all out-of-pocket costs associated with it. 

‘Frankly, the Post’s own reporting suggests this supposed matter was closed 15 years ago with no finding of wrongdoing. If you want to dig deep on who’s funding a president’s golf habits, we might have some suggestions.’ 

The FBI probe took place when Biden was on the cusp of becoming Barack Obama’s running mate. His position as vice president would help form the basis for his 2020 campaign that put him in the White House. 

It ultimately found no wrong doing on Biden’s part but, because Biden was a sitting senator at the time, the U.S. attorney’s office was informed of the federal investigation.

Joe Biden remains a member of Fieldstone Golf Club in the wealthy Wilmington suburb of Delaware

Joe Biden portrays himself as 'Amtrak Joe' - a man of the people. Above the Senator Joe Biden campaigning from a train in 1987 with wife Jill and, to his right, son Beau and daughter Ashley; son Hunter is to Jill's left

At the time of the probe, Biden was on the cusp of being Barack Obama's vice president - the two men are seen on the White House putting green in 2009

Delaware’s U.S. attorney was Republican Colm Connolly, who recused himself and his office because he was being vetted for the nomination for a federal judgeship, which is a post that Biden had a say in as the home-state member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Connolly’s top assistant at the time was David Weiss, who is now U.S. Attorney for the state of Delaware and leading the Hunter Biden investigation.

The FBI was keeping an eye on Fieldstone Golf Club because of founder Lisa Dean Moseley, a scandalous DuPont heiress whose husband paid for the murder of her younger son’s drug-addled prostitute girlfriend.

It was Moseley’s idea to develop some of her personal estate Serendip into an exclusive private golf club she would name Fieldstone.

To do she needed approval from New Castle County. 

In the process of doing that she gave a $2.3 million loan to a close friend, Sherry Freebery — who was the chief administrative officer of New Castle County. Moseley also appealed to Freebery for help, including sending her a message that said: ‘SOS. Please call asap — need help with Fieldstone.’

The FBI investigated the loan but Moseley ultimately wasn’t charged.  Freebery pleaded guilty to the omission of the loan on a mortgage application, a felony, and was sentenced to a year of probation and a $350 fine.

While Moseley was under investigation she became the subject of national headlines after her third husband was arrested at the Fieldstone opening on charges of arranging the murder, which he later confessed to.

Christopher Moseley, hired three assassins – including a porn star – to have Pati Margello killed off at a grotty Las Vegas motel in 1998 because, as a drug addict prostitute, she did not fit in with the family’s high society standing. 

Margello was dating Dean, Moseley’s son from her first marriage. Lisa Moseley had left her first husband to marry her gynecologist, and when he died she married a third time – to her gardener Christopher Moseley.

Her son Dean struggled with drug addiction and went to rehab – and that’s where he met Margello.

In August 1998, Dean and Margello were in Las Vegas as Dean had to spend six weeks living there so he could claim residency and quickly divorce his then-wife, ‘Rags’ MacGuigan.

Dean, 42, had left her two years earlier and moved into squalor in south Philadelphia with Margello, who was a fellow drug addict and occasional prostitute.

Christopher Moseley tried to pay Margello to leave the family alone. She took the money, which she and Dean spent on drugs. 

Ultimately Christopher Moseley ended up calling in the help of Diana Hironaga, who was also known by her porn star stage name Kiane Lee. He paid her $5,000 up front, with the promise of more money after she had dealt with Margello.

Hironaga brought in two accomplices; drug dealer Ricardo Murillo, 40, and unemployed Filipino Joseph Balignasa, 28.

The two men offered Margello $2,000 for a night out on the town.

They took her to the Del Mar Resort Motel, where Margello  was ambushed by the three assassins, who choked her and beat her for 15 minutes as she fought for her life.

They tried to suffocate her with a pillow but that did not work, but Murillo eventually finished her off by pulling Balignasa’s Calvin Klein belt tightly around her neck.

Lisa Dean Moseley, who died in 2016, left her first husband to marry her gynecologist, and when he died she married a third time - to her gardener

Christopher Moseley was Lisa's third husband and arranged the contract killing

But they had not thought of how they would dispose of Margello’s body and had to drive to a nearby pharmacy to pick up garbage bags – where they were seen on CCTV.

Breaking nine of her ribs in the process, they folded her lifeless body into the bag and stuffed it through a 10-inch vent on the room’s air conditioning unit.

Two days later, the stench of death filled the room, leading a maintenance worker to discover Margello’s crumpled and decomposing corpse. 

Dean worked with the police and recorded phone calls with his stepfather led police officers to suspect Christopher Moseley of organizing the contract killing.

He was arrested at Fieldstone Golf Club, which he coincidentally was opening that day with a lavish ceremony attended by dozens of his high society friends.

He admitted to paying for the murder and was jailed for 16 years in 2000. He was found dead in his prison cell in 2004, aged 63.

Lisa Moseley was questioned but not jailed. She died in 2016 at the age of 87.

Her mother Paulina du Pont Dean was the daughter of William K. du Pont, whose great-grandfather Éleuthère Irénée founded DuPont in 1802. 

Dean died of liver failure, waiting for but not getting an organ transplant, at age 56 in September 2013. 

He had started a new life of sobriety in Virginia after the Vegas murder and had a longtime girlfriend who was by his side when he passed away.

He stopped speaking to his mother after Pati’s murder.  


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