HP just launched a bunch of new Chromebooks starting at $299

HP is introducing several new 2024 Chromebook models this week, with prices starting at $299.

Available starting today, HP is launching four new 14-inch Chromebooks for 2024, including two in the Chromebook Plus program.

The lineup starts with the HP Chromebook 14a. This machine, starting at $299, has a 14-inch 1366×768 display with an Intel N100 processor and 4GB of RAM. It’s very much a barebones machine, but features USB-C charging and has top-facing dual speakers.

Next in line are HP’s first two Chromebook Plus models of 2024.

The HP Chromebook Plus 14a has an Intel Core i3-N305 processor paired with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of UFS storage, and a better display than the cheaper model too. The panel is still 14-inches, but at 1080p and brighter at 300 nits versus the 250 of the lesser model. Pricing for this one starts at $529.

Also available now is the HP Chromebook Plus X360 14b. This laptop is virtually identical to the Chromebook Plus 14a, but features a touchscreen and a 360-degree hinge so you can use the machine as a tablet when the display is flipped around.

It comes at a higher cost of $599.

Finally, there will also be a standard HP Chromebook X360 14b starting at $399. It will have lesser specs compared to the Plus, but in pursuit of that lower price tag. HP says this machine will be available sometime later in April.

As for retailers, here’s what HP says to expect:

  • HP Chromebook 14a ($299): Available now at HP.com, Coming soon to Amazon, Walmart, QVC, and Target
  • HP Chromebook X360 14b ($399): Coming soon to HP.com, Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target
  • HP Chromebook Plus 14a ($529): Available now at HP.com, Coming soon to Costco, Amazon, and QVC
  • HP Chromebook Plus X360 14b ($599): Available now at HP.com, Coming soon to Amazon and Walmart

HP says that its entire 2024 Chromebook lineup is made using more recycled materials.

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