Humza’s latest wheeze to break up the UK condemned as ‘not credible’

Humza’s latest wheeze to break up the UK has been condemned as ‘not credible’ – by one of his OWN senior MPs

  • Yousaf says if he wins ‘the most’ Scottish seats at a General Election, it’ll be enough to trigger independence 
  • But Nat veteran Pete Wishart, the party’s longest-serving MP, said the plan wasn’t realistic 

Humza Yousaf’s latest plan to break up the UK was plunged into disarray yesterday after one of his own MPs condemned it as neither ‘credible or realistic’.

The SNP leader claimed winning ‘the most’ Scottish seats would be enough to trigger independence and ‘begin immediate negotiations’ with the UK Government.

But within 24 hours the flimsy strategy was already unravelling after an SNP rebellion and Labour declaring it would not countenance the idea.

Veteran Nationalist Pete Wishart dismissed Mr Yousaf and the SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn’s plan, saying it lacked ‘credibility’.

A conference motion being proposed by the pair suggests the SNP will be able to start talks about separation if the party secures more seats in Scotland than any other party at the General Election.

But Mr Wishart warned the SNP would need at least a majority of votes and revealed he will attempt to amend the motion to remove any mention of winning the most seats. Yesterday he told LBC: ‘The only way we will ever secure any credibility, particularly for trying to assert our independence in international fora, has to be on the back of the consent of the majority of the people of Scotland, not in the majority of seats.

Humza Yousaf’s latest plan to break up the UK is condemned as neither ‘credible or realistic’.

‘That’s the only thing I believe would give us that democratic credibility which would allow us to assert our independence in a meaningful and realistic way.

‘So I’m pretty certain that as we go forward to a conference, there’ll be a number of amendments coming forward.

‘I don’t think it’s credible and realistic to try and assert some sort of move towards independence if you’re not carrying the majority of people with you.’

Scottish Tory constitution spokesman Donald Cameron said: ‘Even the SNP’s longest-serving MP is able to pick holes in Humza Yousaf’s latest strategy to push his independence obsession.’

Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves also shot down the plan while campaigning in Rutherglen.

Asked if a Labour government would accept Mr Yousaf’s demands, she said: ‘No, we wouldn’t consider that a mandate in any way to have another referendum.’

Pamela Nash of Scotland in Union said: ‘This is a desperate party which is constantly trying to move the goalposts on independence.’

A UK Government spokesman said: ‘This is not the time to be talking about constitutional change.’


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