I gave my son nonvegan food behind my wife’s back – she ‘flipped out’

  • The couple has been married for eight years and share a 12-year-old son together
  • Wife became vegan, and influenced her husband and son to follow along
  • Son began eating nonvegan food after feeling ‘lonely and excluded’ with friends

A father has reveals his wife ‘completely flipped out’ when she found out he had been feeding their son non-vegan food after spending years living a plant-based lifestyle.

The 32-year-old man, who went by Lucky_Grass7069, posted on the Am I The A**hole subreddit: ‘AITA for giving my son nonvegan food behind my wife’s back?’

He and his wife, 33, had been married for eight years and six years ago she decided to go vegan.

After the couple had a ‘long conversation’ and spoke to a dietician, they decided that the husband and their 12-year-old son would go vegan as well.

A father has revealed his wife 'completely flipped out' when she found out he had been secretly feeding his son nonvegan food

But some months ago, the father started ‘finding wrappers from nonvegan candy and McDonald’s burgers in his son’s bookbag, which he had been buying with his chore money.’ 

After having a conversation with his son, he found out that the boy had been feeling ‘lonely and excluded’ when he was eating vegan food around his friends. 

‘I decided I didn’t want him spending his pocket money on snacks and throwing out the vegan snacks we actually brought him instead of buying games etc, it made no sense, but I also know the way my wife feels about nonvegan products,’ the dad said.

‘So, I began buying my son what he wanted on our way to football practise (sic) instead.’

However, after the wife discovered their private pact, the unnamed father confessed that she ‘completely flipped out.’

‘She called me an animal abuse enabler and a few other names and said I was corrupting our son,’ she said.

‘Now she is not speaking to me, our son panicked and told her I had bought the snacks for him and he didn’t know they weren’t vegan (I don’t blame him for that, he just doesn’t want to be in trouble with mom).’

At the time of writing, the post has got more than 7,700 comments and more than 20,000 up votes, with most users saying that the father was ‘NTA (not the a**hole).’

Most users said that the father is 'NTA' and put blame on the mother's controlling ways

One person said: ‘NTA – but you need to push back. Your wife doesn’t get to decide that the whole family has to be vegan. Your son is going to just keep hiding things from you both if you don’t stand up for him now.’

‘Forcing a kid to go vegan is kid abuse to me. Also does he never eat at school? I have vegan friends but their kids do eat meat at school, just not home,’ another argued.

A third chimed in writing: ‘NTA. Your son is 12 and old enough to understand and make his own decisions about food, your wife is TA (The A*****e) for trying to force it and for her comments about corrupting your son and animal abuse enabler.’

Another user argued against the father writing: ‘A growing child in the midst of puberty absolutely should not be vegan. Nobody should be. But if we set aside that fact, YTA. 

At the time of writing, the post has got more than 7,700 comments and more than 20,000 up votes

‘You shouldn’t have lied to her and instead should have openly supported your son’s desire to eat like a normal human.

‘YTA for not putting your foot down and telling her to stop controlling her son’s diet because this is going to become an eating disorder. 

‘Kids end up binge-eating the foods their parents prevent from eating. Being raised vegetarian, I would know,’ one fired-up commenter wrote.

The Reddit user replied to certain comments to further explain the situation. 

He said that this was ‘the only real conflict’ they have had as a couple and the husband grew up with parents who had constant fights, therefore, he’s a self-described ‘conflict avoidant.’ 

He replied vulnerably that ‘while he missed meat’ he ‘loves his wife more,’ and doesn’t ‘want the marriage to end over it.’


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