I met my wife on Facebook – after a DECADE of being friends online

  • Tracie Brown and Cheryl Parsa-Brown from Dallas fell in love on Facebook
  • The pair had been friends for a decade before realizing they lived blocks apart
  • The couple connected after an ice-storm hit Dallas and Cheryl took Tracie in

It’s a modern day romance that was a decade in the making. 

There was no swiping needed for Tracie Brown and her now-wife Cheryl Parsa-Brown’s modern day romance – making their relationship official a whole decade after they first became friends on Facebook.

Dallas-based Tracie, 50, and 62-year-old Cheryl spent years chatting online, slowly getting to know one another over the years – having initially formed a connection over Cheryl’s business. 

However, one day after years of chatting with one another, Cheryl noticed a rather surprising coincidence while looking at an image posted by Tracy: the pair had nearly identical views from their homes.  

‘In all these years we’ve been Facebook Friends we’ve lived blocks apart and never even met,’ Cheryl exclaimed. ‘It felt like fate.’ 

Tracie (left) and Cheryl (right) got married, a decade after meeting on Facebook

After years of online chats and messages, the couple are now married

It was Tracie who sent the initial friend request nine years ago, after first following Cheryl’s business page.

‘We just commented on each other posts until five years ago when I sent her a message saying I loved her energy and that was our first interaction,’ Tracie said.

‘It was social media that helped us get to know one another before we’d even met,’ she added. ‘So I felt familiar in a very intimate way with her.’

However the romance didn’t heat up until Texas froze over; and Tracie was left shivering and starving in her own home after a brutal ice storm hit Dallas.

‘I was just on Facebook and I all of a sudden Tracie’s face comes across my news feed,’ Cheryl recalled. ‘But it wasn’t the face I’d always known, it was an orange hoodie no makeup, just this pitiful look.’ 

Cheryl invited her over for food and warmth, leaving the pair in a situation that ‘felt like fate.’

‘She got out of the car, and she started walking towards me and immediately my arms went up because I wanted to hug her,’ she said. ‘I was finally meeting this person that I’ve admired for so long.’

The couple became official over a beautiful dinner six months after meeting, but a couple of days later, Cheryl hit pause on the budding relationship.

‘I had all kinds of feelings and didn’t know what to do with them,’ she admitted. ‘I was 60 at the time so it sounds ridiculous, but I was afraid to tell my mom.’

An ice-storm in Dallas resulted in the ultimate meet-up for the couple

Not long after meeting in person, the women decided to get married

The Dallas couple say if it wasn't for Facebook they'd never be together

But after catching up four months after pausing their fledging relationship, they decided to embark on a ’21-day-cleanse’ to see where it landed them, gushing it was: ‘the best thing we could’ve done for our relationship.’

‘It was day 18 and she kept saying we’re just friends, but I said my friends don’t look at me the way you’re looking at me,’ Cheryl said.

‘She looked at me and said, “I’ve always been in love with you!'” So, the very next day the very next day in the morning I called my jeweler.’

Cheryl proposed to Tracie on Valentine’s Day at her house.

‘I went to her house and our favorite pianist was playing,’ Tracie gushed. ‘I just saw rose petals; the entire house was decorated like I can’t even imagine this night being any better like this was like the perfect night. ‘

The pair got married three times. An official ceremony, a wedding in Las Vegas and the ceremony most important to them;  alone at their house. 

They’ll also be renewing their vows this year in Mexico. 

We wanted to get married in the house because we fell in love here, we got engaged, everything happened here, and we really wanted to experience that in our first home,’ Cheryl explained.

‘I had a very good idea of who she was before we’d even met,” she added. ‘I thought she was beautiful, the first photo I ever saw is still my screensaver, that’s just how I saw her in my mind and it’s the way I’ll see her forever.’

Tracie said she’s grateful for Facebook, unsure if she ever would have met the love of her life otherwise.

‘There was no thought of ever meeting her in person so social media is a powerful way to just connect people who may have never otherwise met their entire lives but they have through this platform,’ she explained. ‘I’m eternally grateful to share our story which is unconventional for a lot of people.’


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