I proposed to my girlfriend at her mother’s funeral – am I tone deaf?

A man has been blasted after revealing that he proposed to his girlfriend at her mother’s funeral – saying one reason he chose the moment is because they were ‘finally free’ of her parent’s judgement.

The anonymous man, who is believed to be US-based, took to Reddit to share his story, asking people whether they agreed with his girlfriend that it was a poor decision – prompting one forum user to call him a ‘psycho’.

In his post, he said that he always carried the ring with him, hoping the ‘right moment’ to ask for her hand would crop up, but it never did – this was partly, he said, because he ‘knew how [his girlfriend’s] mother felt’ about him.

But he was left confused after he got down on one knee a couple of hours into her mother’s wake and popped the question, only for his partner to reply: ‘Are you f*****g tone deaf?’  

People who responded to his post were left stunned by the man’s lack of empathy, with one commenting: ‘This has to be fake. Nobody can be this insensitive.’

An anonymous man believed to be from the US was left puzzled after everyone thought he was in the wrong for popping the question at the funeral of his girlfriend's mother (stock image)

In his post, the man explained that his partner’s late mother never kept her distaste of him a secret, and that there ‘was no way in hell’ she would ever agree to a marriage between the pair.

He added that the deceased mother was ‘overly protective’ of her daughter, not just because she was an only child, but also because her father had left.

According to the poster, his girlfriend’s mother also disapproved of the age gap when the couple started dating – she was 18 and he was 23-years-old.

Her mother had died after being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, and because of the severity of the condition, decided to forgo treatment and spend her last couple of weeks with her family, before, in his words, she finally ‘kicked the bucket’.

Describing why he decided to propose during the wake, he said that while the couple were standing over the casket, he suddenly thought to himself ‘this is it, I’m gonna ask her today’. 

He decided to wait until they were no longer in the presence of her mother’s dead body, and instead, to pop the question once they were back at their house, where they were hosting the wake.

He revealed that a couple of hours into the wake, he took his girlfriend aside, recited the speech that he’d had in his head since knowing he would one day propose, then got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

But he was left baffled at his girlfriend’s response, which was to ask him if he was ‘f*****g tone deaf’. 

Writing on Reddit, the man said that his girlfriend's mother had never liked him, and so now that she had died, he thought it would be an appropriate time to tie the knot

He said he was confused about her reaction, as the moment could be seen as a ‘metaphor of sorts’, and about making the most of life, though he conceded that he could see how I ‘would be the a*****e due to the dirt still being fresh’.

But, he continued, he ‘couldn’t see a better moment’ to propose to his girlfriend of two years than at her mothers funeral because the pair were ‘finally free’ of her mother’s opinions.

Explaining that he had told his friends about what he’d done, and that they called him insensitive, he said: ‘I had good intentions when I proposed and doesn’t every girl just wanna get married to the love of her life?’

Canvassing for others’ opinions on whether he is the a****** for what he did, he then concluded the post by asking: ‘Though it is a plus that she never directly said no right?’ 

Reddit users have been left disgusted and stunned by the man’s insensitivity towards his grieving partner.

One person commented: ‘Dirt was fresh’… what kind of demented person talks about his beloved’s mother like this whether he liked her or not. 

‘Absolute psychopath. Girl, run.’

Another added: ‘Poor girl. Her mom was right about him. And gf didn’t get to see it until mom was gone.’

Some found it humorous that the man assumed he was still in a relationship, writing: ‘It’s so funny that he thinks he still has a girlfriend. Guarantee that she wants nothing to do with him anymore. Honestly unforgivable.’

One quipped: ‘Huh. Usually it’s birthdays, not funerals, where you invite a clown.’

Others refused to belief that the story could be real, stating: ‘It’s either a troll post of this is a post from a literal serial killer. No f*****g way.’


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