I’m an air fryer fan – how to clean yours and make it look ‘new’

I’m a foodie and this is my one simple cleaning hack to make my air fryer look brand new

A foodie revealed a ‘toxic free cleaning hack’ for your air fryer to make it look brand new. 

Ciara, 42, from Dublin, took to her Instagram @thetummyfairy to reveal her cleaning hack which involves no scrubbing. 

The simple tip involves just hot water, baking soda and washing up liquid to make the air fryer sparking. 

She started the video by showing the dirty air fryer with loads of built-up oil and burnt food in the basket.

Ciara said: ‘An amazing easy way to clean your air fryer is putting a squirt of washing-up liquid and a quarter of baking soda and fill that up with boiling water up to the top.

Ciara, 42, from Dublin, revealed a 'toxic free cleaning hack' for your air fryer to make it look brand new

‘We are going to leave it for 20 minutes then pour it all out, rinse it with warm water, dry it with a paper towel and there you go, it’s like brand new.’

She captioned the clip: ‘Toxic Free Cleaning Hack. When air fryers first became popular you probably seen the viral hacks on how to clean them by adding washing up liquid and water and air frying this concoction for several minutes!

‘You may not know, but things like washing up liquid have what’s called a ‘flashpoint’.

‘So not only could this be a fire risk but it’s also can create chemical gases/toxins that they attach themselves to the inside of your Airfryer.

‘Ideally you should give your Airfryer a quick clean after each use, but to get rid of a really messy recipe, this hack is ideal.’

Many loved the cleaning hack  – however others said they would rather just clean their air fryer after every use. 

One person wrote: ‘Clean mine every time I use it. Takes 60 secs to wipe around it with washing up liquid. 

‘Scruff if you don’t clean it every time. It’s basically residual food left over left to rot.’

Ciara said it was best to leave the mixture in the air fryer  for 20 minutes then pour it all out before rinsing with warm water

Many loved the cleaning hack however others said they would rather just clean their air fryer after every use

Another said: ‘Yep just hot water and fairy needed straight after using I let it soak whilst eating and then it cleans off really easily.’

While another wrote: ‘Nope clean mine every time I use it in hot soapy water and use the silicone liners, still looks like new.’

A fourth said: ‘OR just wash it after you use it every time.’

To which Ciara replied: ‘I do, but this is great for those really messy cakes on sauces etc where you would be scrubbing the tray for ages.’ 

The video racked up nearly 4,000 likes and gained more than 300 comments under the clip.  


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