Inside $6m LA home where Matthew Perry found peace before his death

  • Perry bought the home for $6 million in August 2020
  • He sold a huge penthouse and Malibu beach home around the same time  

Poignant photos show Matthew Perry enjoying his $6 million Pacific Palisades home where he was found dead over the weekend. 

Perry bought the property in August 2020, having downsized from a far ritzier penthouse and Malibu beach home around the same time. 

He was found dead in a hot tub at the property Saturday night. Initial reports suggested the actor may have died, but coroners have yet to confirm a cause of death. 

Perry clearly enjoyed the property  – which was relatively modest for a star so famous and so wealthy.

His final Instagram post featured him relaxing in its hot tub at night time, which offers gorgeous Pacific Ocean views.  

The back garden - which offers stunning Pacific Ocean views - is pictured from another angle. Perry is believed to have drowned in his hot tub, although a cause of death has not been officially confirmed

Another view of the property. Perry's body was photographed being wheeled out of the front door hours after his death and put into a coroner's van parked just in front of his garage doors

A snap with his dad John Bennett Perry gave fans an insight into the statement decor in his home - including a huge purple crushed velvet sofa bed and stencil artwork

In his last post to his Instagram, posted earlier this week, the star shared images of him in his pool

Fans and admirers come by and leave bouquets of flowers at the door of the house in honor of the talented actor

The property was bought for $6 million in June 2020. Perry previously sold far more lavish homes in Century City and Malibu. Months before his death, he spent $5 million on a mid-century home in the Hollywood Hills

The 3,000 square foot property on Blue Sail Drive was built in 1965 as a modest ranch-style house.

It has since undergone an extensive transformation, pictures show, with Perry putting his own personal stamp on the sprawling pad.

He completely revamped the property, trading in a light oak floor for a darker wood and boho furniture for much louder colors.

The stunning four bedroom, four and a half bathroom home is perched upon a hillside overlooking the ocean, with many of the rooms featuring panoramic views of the Pacific. 

It was described before its sale as embodying ‘quintessential southern California living’, with scores of other celebs living in Pacific Palisades. 

Perry’s Friends co-star Matt LeBlanc also had a villa in the neighborhood before he sold up in 2016.

The Chandler Bing actor’s property was significantly cheaper than his previous real estate holdings. 

Back in 2020, he listed his stunning Malibu home for $14.95 million after purchasing it in 2011 in an off-market deal for $12 million.

Like his previous beachside home, his whole house has panoramic views out over the ocean, with huge sliding doors making the open-plan layout light and airy. 

The home spills out to a grassy 0.37-acre yard, which pictures suggest includes a fire pit and a raised pool.

Perry regularly shared pictures from inside his house, including with his father, actor John Bennett Perry, just two weeks ago.

A video reveals two plasma TVs and a cinema-style projector screen, each showing The Batman, while lasers on the ceiling show the DC hero's emblem

In a sweet post in 2021, he said his pet dog Alfred 'ruled the Perry household'

Days ago: On October 18, Matthew shared another nighttime shot taken outside with the Batman emblem lit up in red lights on his pool

Perry recently shared a picture of a sign in his home reading: 'BATMAN PLAYS PICKLEBALL'

The Batman logo at the bottom of his pool can be seen here in an aerial daylight shot

The snap gave fans an insight into the statement decor in the home – including a huge purple crushed velvet sofa bed and stencil artwork reading ‘I forget what I forgot’.

It also showed a huge snooker table, positioned directly in front of the garden for guests to enjoy the view as they played a game.

He also shared a snap of a sunny corner of his plot as a gardener was working two weeks ago. 

As well as expansive lawn, the house appears to boast a plot of newly-planted trees and other patches of plants. 

Two covered seating areas sit either side of the garden overlooking the lawn and pool area, aerial pictures show.

Perry shared a snap of a sunny corner of his plot as a gardener was working two weeks ago

The home boasts a large garage. Friends fans came to pay their respects after hearing news of Perry's death

The modern, concrete infinity pool, which was upgraded from the jet pool the home had when Perry bought it, is set into the hillside below the edge of the property’s lawn.

Perry’s final post on Instagram, shared earlier this week, shows him relaxing in the pool as he looks out into the distance.

The caption read: ‘Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I’m Mattman,’ he said, referencing the caped crusader he regularly mentioned in his recent posts.

The Batman fanatic has decked out his entire home with superhero memorabilia, including a bat signal silhouette in laser lights illuminating the bottom of his swimming pool. 

He previously lived in a luxurious LA penthouse, which was covered in Batman-themed items. 

Perry also gave a glimpse into his living area when he recently shared a video of what appeared to be a home movie theatre.

He pans around the room to reveal two plasma TVs and a cinema-style projector screen, each showing The Batman, while lasers on the ceiling show the DC hero’s emblem.

Matthew Perry's former home, an LA penthouse which was covered in Batman-themed items

Perry's love for Batman could be seen in his former home, where Batman memorabilia was pictured when he sold it

In another post, he showed the bat signal lit up in red lights, with the message: ‘Sleep well everybody. I’ve got the city tonight—Mattman.’ 

It was followed by a picture of a sign reading: ‘BATMAN PLAYS PICKLEBALL’. 

Perry is said to have loved the sport, usually playing twice a day.

His home is close to the Riviera Country Club – where he is believed to have played the tennis-like game with a friend in the hours before his death.

Perry playing Pickleball in Santa Monica on October 22

The club was not far from Perry's Pacific Palisades home

Perry was a regular at the Riviera County Club, pictured

Perry rose to fame for his role as Chandler Bing on the hit 90s sitcom Friends, which ran for 10 seasons

He only lasted an hour on the court at his local country club before going home, his regular partner told TV presenter Billy Bush. 

‘[Pickleball] regulated his days,’ said Bush. ‘I spoke to the woman he played with this morning and every morning. 

‘She is in shock, adored Matt… she said he had been fatigued today and over the past week. A little more than usual.’ 

Perry’s death has come as a shock to many, including his Friends co-stars – with an associate of Lisa Kudrow saying it ‘does not seem real’.

‘Matthew was finally at peace with himself and was having the best year of his life since his book launch almost exactly one year ago. He was enjoying life,’ Kudrow’s friend said.


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