Insider’s account of Barnaby Joyce’s wedding to his former mistress

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  • Ex-deputy PM had one message for his guests during his speech
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Barnaby Joyce jokingly told the guests at his ‘bush bash’ wedding to former mistress Vikki Campion to avoid ‘punching on’ because paparazzi were camped out ‘across the creek’. 

The former deputy prime minister, 56, tied the knot with his ex-political adviser Ms Campion, 36, in an outdoor wedding at his sprawling property in Woolbrook, west of Walcha, in the NSW Northern Tablelands, on Sunday afternoon. 

It came almost six years after their scandalous affair was exposed, which helped usher in then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s infamous ‘bonk ban’ for parliamentarians and their staffers. 

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia, Joyce’s new father-in-law Peter Campion gave an insider’s account of the couple’s happy day – and the subsequent unhappy war of words with the politician’s adult daughters who did not attend their father’s nuptials. 

Mr Campion revealed his daughter was over an hour late to the ceremony and suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she arrived. 

The former deputy prime minister, 56, tied the knot with his ex-political adviser Ms Campion, 36, in an outdoor wedding at his sprawling property in Woolbrook, west of Walcha, in the NSW Northern Tablelands, on Sunday afternoon (pictured)

Ms Campion wore a strapless cream dress with gold earrings and heeled black cowboy-style boots, as she walked alongside her new husband with a glass of champagne post-ceremony and a cigarette in hand - smiling widely at her guests (pictured)

Mr Campion revealed his daughter was over an hour late to the ceremony - and suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she arrived

‘The bride wanted to gallop. I said to her “you want to walk more naturally” but she was keen,’ Mr Campion said. 

‘She was running about an hour and eight minutes late and I had to hold her hand to slow her down and not gallop forward.’

But Ms Campion’s long ivory dress kept getting twigs caught in its hemline despite her heeled cowboy-style boots. 

‘It was dragging on the ground and catching sticks and twigs in it and there was a constant swarm of bridesmaids removing the twigs until Vikki said: “It’s a bush wedding, don’t worry, let the sticks accumulate”.’

Here, Daily Mail Australia provides a blow-by-blow account of the wedding – and its mud-slinging aftermath. 

Barnaby’s warning to guests 

Mr Campion said his son-in-law jokingly warned his 120-odd guests to reign in their drinking and avoid ‘punching on’ because he was aware that news photographers had their keen lenses trained on the event.

‘A lot of champagne was drunk but no-one got s***-faced,’ Mr Campion said.

The couple’s young sons Sebastian and Thomas, age five and four, could be seen outside the venue before the ceremony, ready for their roles as page boys.

Joyce jokingly told his guests to avoid 'punching on' because there were news photographers waiting to snap any bust-ups

Joyce himself jumped out of a Toyota LandCruiser at the property ahead of the ceremony, before guests including former Nationals MP George Christensen began to arrive in a convoy of four-wheel drives.

Hours later, the newlyweds beamed as they walked together, hand-in-hand, to greet their guests – donning in his and hers Akubra hats.

A new, gold wedding band could be seen on Joyce’s hand as his bride puffed on a cigarette and chatted to friends. 

Guests tucked into finger food and tapas, but there was no traditional cake – just a wedding pavlova and a cheesecake. 

What was supposed to be a low-key barbecue for around a dozen guests swelled to a party for more than 80 of the couple’s closest friends and family.

There was a dance floor ordered in for a shed on the property, with guests invited to arrive in utes or 4WDs, roll out their swags and party long into the night.  

The groom’s speech

Joyce entertained the audience with anecdotes about his first encounters with his future mistress-turned-wife who was working as a journalist at the time, claiming he was struck by her looks.

‘The first time he met her was at Parramatta and she was doing a story about fuel prices and she saw him on the footpath out there and she told him off, she said “get your nose out of my story” because he was stealing her thunder,’ Mr Campion said.

Vikki Campion puffed on a cigarette with guests at her own wedding reception on Sunday (pictured)

‘The second time was at Kirribilli when he was walking down the street and he saw Vikki and she told him how to find his way there.’

Joyce’s relationship with Ms Campion sent shockwaves through Australia’s political scene when their affair was exposed in February 2018 – two months before she gave birth to their son, Sebastian.

Mr Campion – who once famously said he would burn Barnaby alive, until he reconciled with his daughter and future son-in-law – said his daughter had been maligned in the media as having stolen Barnaby from his first marriage.

‘It was a really good afternoon, a good vibe, with about 110-120 people including aunties and (Vikki’s) mother who became very emotional and teary during the speeches,’ he added.

Adult daughters not in attendance

While Joyce successfully avoided any fireworks on the night, they certainly flew in the wedding’s aftermath. 

On Monday, his youngest daughter Odette told Daily Mail Australia neither she or her three older sisters Caroline, 23, Julia, 24 and Bridgette, 26 were in attendance.

‘Personally I wasn’t invited to the wedding, wasn’t even told about it from my father, I found out through other sources,’ she said.

Odette, 20, celebrated a friend’s birthday on Saturday night instead.

Odette Joyce (pictured) said she was not invited to her father's wedding to Vikki Campion on Sunday

Barnaby Joyce's other family, pictured left to right: Daughters Odette, Bridgette, Caroline and Julia. His ex-wife Natalie is pictured, centre

‘If my father doesn’t want to think about me or even consider me in the decisions he makes that ultimately affect me then frankly I don’t have the time to think about him,’ Odette said. 

Odette also slammed her father for allowing a media photographer to shoot the happy couple’s nuptials. 

She labelled it a ‘grand attempt from them to stay relevant when everyone is over it’.

‘I also think getting the media involved and having them at the wedding is not only tacky but poor taste,’ she said.

The daughters’ mother Natalie Abberfield, who was married to Joyce for 24 years before the pair split in 2018, struck a more dignified tone.

‘All I want to say is, I would just like to wish the happy couple all the best,’ she said.

Peter Campion proudly gave his daughter away, saying that if Barnaby's daughters had attended 'the beautiful afternoon' they would have been 'welcomed with open arms'

Father-in-law bites back

Peter Campion sensationally told Daily Mail Australia that his son-in-law’s daughters needed to ‘suck it up’ and accept their dad has moved on from their mother.

He claimed they were invited and said they ‘would have been welcomed with open arms’.

‘I’d say to them “you missed out on a beautiful afternoon when your father married the woman he is in love with and you should accept he has moved on from your mother… a long time ago”,’ Mr Campion said. 

Speaking during his drive home from the wedding, Mr Campion said the four sisters needed to face up ‘to the truth’. 

‘They were all invited, I saw it on the electronic invitation list we were all sent. No-one was not invited and if they pretended that, it was to get attention,’ he said. 

‘The girls just ought to stop being bent out of shape on behalf of their mother and suck it up and tell their mother… they’re going to Barnaby’s wedding.’

‘They could have turned up on the day and would have had the front row seats. 

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce are pictured with their sons, Sebastian and Thomas

‘I would have loved to have met them.’ 

Mr Campion also took a shot at Joyce’s first wife, Natalie – noting that she ‘used to be the Queen of Tamworth’, but was not anymore. 

The new father-in-law claimed he referenced Barnaby’s daughters in his speech.

‘They weren’t excluded and everyone would have loved them to be there,’ he said. 

‘It’s not true they were excluded.’

Mr Campion also claimed he mocked the eft-wing ‘obsession’ with renewables and climate change.

‘Everything I said was very well received,’ he insisted.


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