Inspiron 14 7441 Plus: Leak showcases redesigned 14-inch Dell Inspiron with rumoured Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite X1E-80-100 chipset

Windows Report adds that the Inspiron 14 7441 Plus has a single USB Type-A port. Unfortunately, this cannot be seen in the images that it has provided. Although one would presume that the laptop has a 3.5 mm jack too, the XPS 13 9345 suggests that this is not guaranteed. Moreover, the Inspiron 14 7441 Plus has no rear or right fan vents, which Dell includes in the Inspiron 14 Plus 7440.

Still, the wide grille implies that the Inspiron 14 7441 Plus will actively cool its Snapdragon X Elite chipset. Based on a previous leak, Dell will offer the Inspiron 14 7441 Plus with at least the X1E-80-100, a 12-core chipset that sits between the X1E-78-100 and X1E-84-100 in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite product stack. The same leak highlighted that Dell intends to sell the Inspiron 14 7441 Plus with 16 GB of RAM. However, this could be a minimum requirement for devices wishing to run Microsoft’s new ‘AI Explorer’ in Windows 11, such as the Surface Laptop 6 and Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6, among other future Snapdragon X-powered machines.

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