iOS 18’s AI Features For The iPhone Will Be Powered By Apple’s Custom Silicon-Equipped Data Centers After All

iOS 18 update will be the biggest for the iPhone, as the company is planning to incorporate a handful of AI utilities into the mix. We are also expecting the company to introduce various visual design changes to the mix. It was previously heard that Apple is developing its own AI servers, which will use the company’s M4 and M2 Ultra chips. It is now being speculated that Apple will use its AI-focused servers to power AI features that will be part of its iOS 18 update.

Apple will use its AI servers to power iOS 18’s forthcoming AI features after all

iOS 18 will practically transform how we use the iPhone and what we use it for. The company is planning to integrate AI on a system level, and it could potentially utilize its forthcoming servers. It was previously rumored that Apple would incorporate AI features on the iPhone with iOS 18, but the operations would be performed on the device rather than on the cloud. We have previously reported that the company is working on its own AI servers, but it was speculated that it will introduce cloud-based processing in the future.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has now effectively confirmed that the company is pushing its AI servers through its high-end chips. The servers will handle AI tasks that are coming later this year to the iPhone, Mac, and additional devices.

The company is placing high-end chips — similar to ones it designed for the Mac — in cloud-computing servers designed to process the most advanced AI tasks coming to Apple devices, according to people familiar with the matter. Simpler AI-related features will be processed directly on iPhones, iPads and Macs, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plan is still under wraps.

With Apple’s entry into the AI domain, the company will mark a major milestone and transform the future of its devices. Note that the technology giant is a little late to the AI game but given the breakthroughs and its large language models under redevelopment, it could make a giant stride forward. Ultimately, the company will compete against OpenAI and Google. While it makes a lot of sense for the company to introduce its own iteration of the technology, Apple has requested the two companies for assistance.

Currently, Apple is rumored to use the M2 Ultra chip for its AI servers, which powers the Mac Pro and the Mac Studio. However, the company’s data centers will be a lot more advanced when it introduces the M4 Ultra chips. We will keep a close eye on the Apple’s plans to power iOS 18’s AI features through the cloud, so be sure to stick around.

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