iOS Messages feature proclaimed the greatest Apple feature of all time by one Redditor

A cool little feature is part of Apple’s iMessage chat platform and not too many people knew about it before an iPhone-toting Reddit user (via U.K. Sun) mentioned it in a post. On the iOS Messages app, this feature allows users to put multiple emojis together to create a sticker that you can share with one of your iMessage recipients. While it might seem similar to Google’s Emoji Kitchen on Android, the difference is that Google’s Emoji Kitchen creates a brand new emoji when two are combined. With Apple’s feature, you are just putting multiple emojis together to create a sticker.

To use Apple’s feature, you must be using iMessage. First, send an emoji to a recipient, choose another emoji, and drag it on top of the emoji you’ve already sent. You can add multiple emoji and even use a second finger to drag outwards to make a second emoji larger than the first one. You can also rotate one of the emojis by twisting your finger on the display. Based on comments made on Reddit, it seems that most iPhone users are unaware that this feature is available.

This feature does not require the installation of an app, as one Reddit user asked. And one Redditor even called this the greatest Apple feature of all time although we certainly wouldn’t go that far.

Keep in mind that this feature will not work unless you send the first emoji to your recipient. Once you take your finger off the second emoji (or how many additional emoji you use), the combined emojis will be delivered to the recipient as a sticker. If you are ambitious, you can tell a whole story to a friend or family member through the creative use of emojis.

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