iPhone SE 4 case leak may have shown off its new redesign

There’s still a good chance we’ll see an iPhone SE 4 this year or next year, and a new case leak has added to the pile of evidence that this phone exists and is on the way – complete with a new and more modern design aesthetic.

The leak comes from serial tipster @MajinBuOfficial (via Notebookcheck) and shows an iPhone SE case that does away with the old home button and Touch ID sensor, and adds a notch at the top of the display. There will still be a single camera around the back.

Have a peek back at our iPhone SE (2022) review and you’ll see it’s a handset with what is a rather retro design by today’s standards. You have to go back to 2017 and the iPhone 8 to find a flagship iPhone with a home button on the bottom bezel.

While there has been talk that the next iPhone SE would follow the look of the iPhone 15, it now seems more likely that it’ll be more along the lines of the iPhone 14 in terms of its appearance – with a display notch rather than a Dynamic Island.

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We’ve had quite a ride when it comes to iPhone SE 4 leaks and rumors in recent months. The third-gen model launched in March 2022, and with doubts over how well it was selling, we originally thought that might be the last iPhone SE ever.

Fast forward to some more recent leaks, and it now appears the handset is back on Apple‘s agenda. A leaked roadmap has pointed to a launch sometime in 2025, and that’s not the only time we’ve heard that year mentioned in relation to the iPhone SE 4.

It would appear the more affordable iPhone is going to join the rest of the series by switching to OLED technology for its display. The device should also come fitted with a USB-C port next time, like the current flagship iPhones.

Last month we saw some leaked images supposedly showing the new design of the iPhone SE 4, and they match up rather well with the cases in this leak. Add it all up and it now seems the iPhone SE series will be coming back after all.

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