I’ve lived in New York for six years – here are 10 things NOT to do

  • Sarah Hodgson has lived in NYC since beginning at NYU in 2018
  • The content creator shares tips and tricks to making it in the city on her TikTok
  • ‘I made ALL these mistakes so you don’t have to,’ she captioned a post

A young woman who moved to New York City six years ago took to TikTok to share her top ’10 things you should never do’ in the Big Apple. 

Sarah Hodgson, a content creator, first moved to the city in 2018 to begin college at NYU. 

Since then, she’s built a sizable following on TikTok sharing tips and tricks to make the most of the NYC lifestyle.

‘I made ALL these mistakes so you don’t have to,’ she captioned the post shared in early February.

Sarah Hodgson moved to New York City to start college at NYU in 2018

First on her top 10 things: don't approach Times Square's outfitted 'characters'

She further suggested using the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty - rather than shelling out cash for a more close-up boat tour

Sarah has built a sizable social media following sharing tips and tricks on how to live in NYC

First: Never go up to any of the ‘characters’ wearing suits in Times Square.

‘They’re infamous for theft and even kidnapping attempts,’ Sarah claimed. 

Secondly don’t pay for boat tours ‘unless Ellis Island has personal significance to you,’ she suggested. 

Instead, ‘see the Statue [of Liberty] for free on the Staten Island Ferry.’

Coming in at third place is don’t be ‘scared’ to take the subway, as Ubers are ‘so expensive’ and ‘and as long as you’re vigilant you should be fine,’ Sarah added.

Fourth was another obvious point: Sarah instructed her viewers to not ‘get on the express train when you really need to take a local [train].’

‘I’ve done it thousands of times,’ she admitted.

Next, Sarah advised people not to wear heels on a heavy walking day. 

She urged newcomers to not fear the subway, and rather just be 'vigilant' when riding

Another common mistake she admitted to making was taking the express train when she should have been on the local

For days with a lot of walking, Sarah recommended that her viewers skipped the heels

To avoid conflicts, Sarah shared how she'd realized you shouldn't 'stare' at people who seemed 'off' or 'aggressive'

There are countless other restaurants in NYC besides the ones in Times Square

Using Uber during rush hour takes twice as long as the subway on top of being vastly more pricey, she shared

Blocking the sidewalk is a great way to irritate people, she's discovered

It's common-sense etiquette to always let others off before getting on spaces like elevators and subway cars, she emphasized

‘You may look glamorous but the pain is never worth the picture.’ 

Sixth: Don’t ‘stare’ at people who are looking ‘a little off or aggressive.’

‘The best thing to do most of the time is look straight ahead and mind your business,’ she said.

Seventh: ‘Never visit the chain restaurants in Times Square. There are so many better also affordable spots that deserve your money.’

Eighth: Don’t ‘use Uber during rush hour.’

‘It’s more expensive. It’ll take twice the time. Just train,’ she urged.

Ninth: Never ‘stop in the middle of a sidewalk. You will be yelled at.’

And last but not least: Never ‘walk in somewhere first before letting people out.’

‘This applies to doorways, elevators, and especially subway cars,’ Sarah expanded.

Sharing would-be viral tips about New York City living has long been popular on TikTok. 

Last fall, creator Gwyneth Yuma highlighted her top recommendations for short-term visits to the city, DailyMail.com reported.

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