I’ve Never Seen “Supernatural,” So I Only Watched The Pilot And Finale – BuzzFeed

– So, the obvious first: They find their dad at some point. They have to, right? It’s what’s driving them. I have a feeling he’s alive for a portion of the show and then he dies, so then they go on to avenge his death by killing supernatural bad guys.

– Poor Sam lost his love, but I feel like they both find love again at some point. Maybe Sam falls in love with a supernatural being? He seems like the type.

– Dean continues to be a hard-ass tough guy who shows little to no feelings because he had to watch his mother die at a young age, which is, you know, traumatic. But someone (or something?) comes along to crack his shell. I think he becomes a little softer, if only by 5%.

– I was impressed by the special effects considering this was 2005, but I’m sure they get a hell of a lot better considering this show ended in a whole other decade.

– Sam is a demon. I don’t know how, but he is.

– They find the creepy man who was standing over Sam’s crib. He’s the demon king.

– During the finale, I predict that Sam and Dean decide to stop ~hunting~ for good. Maybe they found a way to rid all the supernatural evil from the world? Either way, it’s been 15 years and those boys gotta retire.


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