Jemima Kirke says dating is ‘really hard’ but she’s willing to ‘wait’

  • Jemima, 38, split from her second husband Alex Cameron earlier this year
  • Girls actress admitted it would be ‘amazing’ to meet someone ‘organically’
  • Mother-of-two joked that having a ‘shotgun wedding is always a good idea’

Sex Education actress Jemima Kirke has compared tying the knot to getting a tattoo – claiming it’s not ‘permanent’.

The twice married actress,  who found fame in her iconic role as Jessa Johansson on Lena Dunham‘s hit TV series Girls, also admitted she would opt for a shotgun wedding should she say ‘I do’ for a third time.

Jemima, 38, split from her second husband, Alex Cameron, 33, earlier this year. She was previously married to lawyer Michael Mosberg from 2009 until 2017.

Speaking exclusively to at the 2023 Glamour Women of the Year event, she said: ‘I think a shotgun wedding is always a good idea no matter what because they’re reversible. 

‘It’s not a child, you’re not having a baby, you’re having a wedding! The tradition has been bastardized already so it’s okay, it’s just a big party and it’s fun, it’s kind of like getting a tattoo but even less permanent!’

Jemima Kirke has admitted she'd rather 'wait it out' than use an online dating app to find love following her split from her second husband earlier this year

Jemima, 35, and musician Alex Cameron, 33, pictured here in April 2019, parted ways earlier this year

Jemima married her first husband, lawyer Michael Mosberg, in 2009 but the couple got divorced in 2017

When asked about finding love again in the future, Jemima revealed she is ‘willing to wait’ to meet someone in real life as opposed to using dating apps like Tinder or Hinge. 

‘With dating, I know that it’s really hard not to meet on apps and the world has changed, but if it can happen organically, that would be amazing wouldn’t it?’ she said, before adding: ‘I’m willing to wait it out!’

Jemima was born in London but raised in New York City and says being a Brit in the Big Apple has it’s advantages thanks to the way she speaks. 

‘Well, you’ve got a one up because you’ve got the accent,’ she said. ‘It’s sexy and intriguing, men love it, people love it.’

But she added: ‘In New York everyone is busy, busy, busy and completely overwhelmed and has too much going on and is on the side having a nervous breakdown.

‘They’re just like rushing past you and when they do have a chance to talk, it’s a lot and I don’t know, are they even listening?’

Jemima currently resides in Brooklyn with her two children, daughter Rafella, 13, and son Memphis, 10, whom she shares with her first husband. 

In May, Jemima confirmed that she was single again in an interview with GQ in which she discussed how it can get ‘harder’ to be with someone the longer two people have been together.

Jemima, pictured here with Alex in September 2022, previously said that falling in love is 'a huge risk'

Jemima joked that getting married is 'kind of like getting a tattoo but even less permanent'

Jemima pictured with editor-in-chief for Glamour magazine Samantha Barry on November 7

‘What I’ve learned… recently, is that everything ends,’ she told the publication. ‘And that doesn’t necessarily mean that all relationships end, although most of them do. But there will be an ending of at least an era of a relationship.

‘But you know, falling in love is a huge risk. And as fun as it is, as you get older, it’s something you really have to consider if you’re capable of withstanding. It gets harder, I think. Well it depends, I mean I’m single now.’

Jemima also opened about becoming a mother, age 26, when she was filming the first season of Girls.

‘I just felt like a cow and a maid,’ she explained. ‘I was thinking then more about what I didn’t have, rather than what I had. Because all I saw was a baby. And I loved the baby, of course.

‘But I wanted the baby and I wanted to go out with my friends and I wanted to go to the studio and have a career. When you’re that age, often we’re not very good at thinking that this moment isn’t forever.’


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