Jeremy Corbyn refuses to call Hamas a terror group when asked 15 TIMES

Jeremy Corbyn refused fifteen times tonight to answer a question on whether Hamas is a terrorist group during a fiery exchange with Piers Morgan

The former Labour leader was embroiled in an explosive interview on Talk TV where he was grilled by Mr Morgan for 18 minutes about his views on Hamas and his decision to join pro-Palestine marches in London

Things became heated as Mr Morgan condemned the barbaric slaughtering of more than 1,000 Jewish people on October 7 and repeatedly asked Mr Corbyn if he would remove Hamas from power in Gaza.

Mr Corbyn shunned the question and refused to give a yes or no answer. He called the surprise attack by Hamas ‘abominable’ and ‘appalling’ but appeared to become agitated as Mr Morgan points his finger and asks: ‘And you think Israel can do peace with people who did that?’

Sitting beside Len McCluskey, former general secretary at trade union group Unite, Mr Corbyn slumps back in his chair and folds his arms and says: ‘If you want to have a discussion, fine. But if you want to shout at me that’s your prerogative – your TV. Your show.’ 

Jeremy Corbyn refused fifteen times to answer a question on whether Hamas is a terrorist group during a fiery exchange with Piers Morgan on Talk TV

Mr Corbyn has been attending pro-Palestine marches in London and was among the 300,000 who rallied through the capital's streets on Armistice Day

Mr Corbyn falls silent and asks Mr Morgan ‘are you done yet?’ as the former Good Morning Britain host asks the ‘critical question’ again if Hamas should stay in power.

Piers Morgan’s explosive interview with Jeremy Corbyn 

Morgan: ‘This country says they [Hamas] are a terror group. Do you agree? And should they stay in power?’

Corbyn: ‘Listen, I do not approve, support, or welcome Hamas’

Morgan: ‘Are they a terror group?’

Corbyn: ‘Everybody knows what they are’ 

Morgan: ‘Are they a terror group?’

Corbyn: ‘Look, Piers…’

Morgan: ‘Can you say it?’

Corbyn: ‘Piers, can we have a discussion…’

Morgan: ‘Can you say it?’

Corbyn: ‘Can we have a discussion…’

Morgan: ‘Can you call them a terror group, Jeremy?’ 

Corbyn: ‘Can we have a discussion…’

Morgan: ‘Can you call them a terror group?’

Corbyn: ‘Piers. Is it possible to have a rational discussion with you?’

Morgan: ‘Are you prepared to call Hamas a terrorist group?’

Corbyn: ‘Is it possible to have a rational discussion?’

Morgan: ‘You can’t can you?’

Corbyn: ‘Is it possible? Come on, answer that question’

Morgan: ‘You can’t, can you?’

Corbyn: ‘You answer it’

Morgan: ‘No, it’s my show. You answer my question. Are Hamas a terror group?’

Corbyn: ‘Listen… Piers, can I speak?’

Morgan: ‘Answer the question. Are they a terror group?’

Corbyn: ‘…’

Morgan: ‘Are they a terror group?’ 

Corbyn: ‘Let me speak I’ll say someething. A ceasefire means both sides…’

Morgan: ‘You’ve said that. Are they a terror group? Are they a terror group? Are they a terror group?’

Corbyn: ‘Can we…’

Morgan: ‘Why can’t you say it?’ 

Corbyn: ‘Piers, can we go through what ought to be happening’

Morgan: ‘Just answer my question. Are Hamas a terror group? Are Hamas a terror group?’ 


The heated interview then takes an extraordinary turn when Mr Corbyn is asked if he agrees that Hamas is a terrorist group.

Mr Corbyn says ‘I do not approve, support or welcome Hamas’ but refuses an astonishing fifteen times to directly say they are a terrorist group in a back-and-forth exchange for more than a minute as Mr Morgan continually pushes him for a yes or no answer.

At one stage Mr Corbyn folds his arms and looks to the ceiling in what appears to be an apparent pose of frustration.  

Mr Morgan said it ‘is very telling’ he won’t answer whether Hamas should stay in power or if they are a terrorist group.

‘And you wonder why people think you had a problem with Jewish people,’ Mr Morgan says. 

The interview was posted on Piers Morgan Uncensored’s X page and has already clocked up more than 100,000 views in an hour.

There has been a mixed reaction to the quarrel on YouTube and X with more than 5,000 comments across both social media sites. 

One person said: ‘Terrible interview. The interviewer needs to give the interviewee a chance to talk. I got nothing from this.’

While a second viewer said it had ‘Jerry Springer vibes’

‘One was waiting for the moment where Piers was gonna ask for a DNA test,’ they said. 

Others praised Mr Morgan for not letting up on Mr Corbyn. 

‘It’s frustrating when public figures avoid answering straightforward questions,’ a third person wrote on X. 

‘Kudos to Piers Morgan for pressing Jeremy Corbyn on an issue that demands clarity.’ 

Mr Corbyn was among the 300,000 people who attended the pro-Palestine march on Armistice Day on Saturday. 

The hard Left icon revealed ahead of the protest that he would be marching against Israel’s bloody bombardment of Gaza.

In a message to supporters, Mr Corbyn said: ‘With the Home Secretary stoking division and calling these peace marches ”hate marches”, it is more important than ever to stand up for the right to protest and a peaceful way forward.’ 

The MP for Islington North spoke at the rally where he said ‘the only march of hate I’ve seen recently is the far right trying to divide and destroy our communities’. 

Police are currently hunting the antisemites and far-right thugs who brought shame to London on Armistice Day – from women who posed with swastikas and called Rishi Sunak a ‘coconut’ to a group of hooligans filmed abusing people at Waterloo.

They include a woman filmed yelling ‘death to all Jews’, two men pictured wearing Hamas headbands, an antisemite who praised Hitler and another anti-Israel protester pictured with a sign saying: ‘Gaza, twinned with Auschwitz’.

The Met Police have issued a hate crimes appeal to identify suspects from the pro-Palestine march, while the British Transport Police are searching for four men filmed calling pro-Palestine protesters ‘terrorist c***s’ on suspicion of public order offences.

The fourth man, an Arsenal fan, was filmed shouting vile expletives at pro-Palestine protesters

A group of men were filmed walking through Waterloo station shouting vile expletives at protesters. Pictured are three of the men. They are being hunted by BTP

One shocking video shows a woman screaming 'death to all Jews' as she passes a group of counter protesters at Victoria station in London. She's being hunted by British Transport Police

The Met Police are also 'actively seeking' two men pictured wearing Hamas-style headbands

One pro-Palestine demonstrator was pictured carrying a sign that showed the Jewish Star of David wrapped around a Nazi swastika

The BTP made an arrest last night after a man was filmed calling a Muslim woman a ‘terrorist lover’ at Charing Cross station.

Meanwhile, the Met has charged seven men ranging from 21 to 75 with a variety of offences, including possession of an offensive weapon, possession of class A drugs and criminal damage. Just two of the seven are from London, with the others living in Norfolk, Kent, Manchester, Flintshire and West Lothian.

At least 300,000 protesters marched Park Lane near Hyde Park to the US embassy in Vauxhall on Saturday, while counter-protesters gathered in Whitehall claiming they wanted to ‘protect the Cenotaph’. Police made 145 arrests and nine officers were left injured.

Among those being hunted by BTP is a group of four men who were filmed hurling abuse at pro Palestine protesters at Waterloo station.

Video shared to X showed the yobs, including one in an Arsenal shirt, walking through the station before shouting vile expletives at protesters.

The Arsenal fan is seemingly the first to hit out, calling demonstrators ‘terrorist f***ers’.

Another man then steps forward, agreeing: ‘Yeah who are you? You terrorist c***’.

The confrontation appears to escalate as one of the men shouts: ‘Who are you? Who are you f***ing hitting’. He is then held back by another man as he leaps forward.

Pro-Palestine supporters then hit back, telling the group of men: ‘You are being disrespectful towards the dead’.

The right-wing mob then declare in response: ‘Who are you? We were born in this country. You f***ing tourist c***s’.

Police say they are searching for the group over a ‘racially aggravated altercation’.

Another shocking video shared on social media shows a confrontation between pro-Palestine demonstrators and counter-protesters in Victoria station.

Footage appears to show Palestine supporters engaging with the counter-demonstrators, who ask questions about one of the Hamas hostages.

The pro-Palestine supporters, seemingly aggrieved by the confrontation, shout back: ‘Excuse me? You’ve lost your mind’.

‘How old was Aisha?’, the counter protesters ask back – in a reference to the Prophet Muhammad’s wife.

It is at this point that a woman walks past yelling: ‘Killers! Killers! Death to all the Jews’.

The BTP issued an appeal to identify the woman in relation to an ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’.


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