JYL Fishing YouTuber is harassed at Sydney International Boat Show, taunted with racist slurs

Disgusting moment boat show visitor taunts Asian-Australian fishing YouTuber with racist slurs and grabs his rod – before his posh girlfriend tries to kick HIM out for calling out the behaviour

  • John Lee was racially taunted while visiting the Sydney International Boat Show 
  • Mr Lee was checking into a stall when a stranger grabbed his fishing rod 
  • The man said ‘is something wong?’, with Mr Lee calling out the racist remark 
  • The man’s lover made another slur as they walked away before calling security
  • After sharing their side of the story, the security officers let them stay
  • Mr Lee shared footage of the incident on his YouTube, where it has gone viral 
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A man has been filmed taunting an Australian-Asian fisherman with racial slurs at a boat convention – before his well-dressed lover told the victim he was ’embarrassing himself’ and tried to kick him out. 

John Lee, who runs angling YouTube channel JYL Fishing TV, shared footage online of him being harassed at the Sydney International Boat Show on the weekend.

The video showed Mr Lee signing in to a stall with a QR code when he was approached by another attendee who grabbed his fishing rod without permission and asked: ‘What bait are you using?’

After Mr Lee answered ‘I don’t know’, the man replied ‘is something wong (sic)?’

Mr Lee, who is of Korean heritage, told Daily Mail Australia he wasn’t surprised by the the racist attack because ‘unfortunately these kind of incidents happen often’.

The video show Mr Lee calling the man out by telling him his comment was ‘racist’ joke, but the man continued, saying: ‘Aren’t you Aussie? Throw a shrimp on the barbie (BBQ) mate.’

A man has been filmed making a racist comment towards an Australian man with Asian heritage

A man has been filmed making a racist comment towards an Australian man with Asian heritage

The man’s girlfriend interjected, saying ‘Matt, just shut up please’, as horrified bystanders gawked silently at the exchange. 

The woman eventually grabbed her husband and dragged him away, telling Mr Lee to ‘back off’ as he turned to follow them.

‘You f***ing liked it!’ the man yells over his lover’s shoulder.

‘You f***ing a**hole,’ Mr Lee responds, adding ‘what’s your name?’

While the pair walk away, his partner continues abusing Mr Lee.

‘How embarrassing,’ she said

‘Grow a f***ing penis… seriously.’

The partner walked after her husband and Mr Lee and his friend returned to the stall, where a woman at the front desk apologised about the couple’s behaviour. 

But a short time later Mr Lee and his friend were approached by security, who told them the woman, who claimed to be the stand’s owner, had complained and requesting they be removed from the show.

After explaining their side of the story, and suggesting the man appeared to be intoxicated, the security guards decide not to kick them out.  

Mr Lee uploaded the footage to his channel on Monday.

‘I probably could have handled the situation more calmly, but I lost it when he pinched me as the bloke was somewhat forced to walk off by the lady,’ he wrote.

‘My intention of this video of the incident after thinking through it thoroughly is to create awareness of casual racism and how often it happens. 

‘The whole incident did ruin 30 minutes of our day. I hope they [the couple] can learn from this or over time that there is no room for racism.’

Many commenters applauded Mr Lee for calling out the behaviour, with some sharing their own similar experiences. 

‘This sort of casual racism I’ve experienced my entire life growing up in Australia,’ one man said.

‘Thank you for standing up for yourself and calling that racist out! The way that woman treated you, John, and how she defended that racist was disgusting.’ 

Someone else added: ‘Thank you for not taking it and standing up for yourselves. 

‘It’s unfortunate that some think casual racism or racism altogether is still acceptable in today’s society.’ 

It remains unclear whether the couple were involved with the company at the stall. 


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