Katz’s Deli patrons compete in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ orgasm contest

They’re aching to win!

Lunch-goers unleashed some truly exciting performances at Katz’s Delicatessen Friday during a fake orgasm contest inspired by the famous “When Harry Met Sally” scene.

The Lower East Side pastrami sandwich mecca — where Meg Ryan’s toe-tingling portrayal of Sally Albright was filmed more than 30 years ago — challenged diners to recreate the scene and post it on social media for a prize.

Lori White-Phillips, 52, a caretaker from Bedford, Texas, kicked off the “I’ll Have What She’s Having” competition with a series of convincing moans and “yeses.”

“I don’t normally fake it,” she said after the performance, which sparked a smattering of applause from the lunchtime crowd.

“He’s usually the one faking it,” she quipped, nodding to her male companion, Ricky Warrington, 44, who was seated at a table across from her, nibbling a sandwich and laughing.

She didn’t expect the moan-fest to leave her so hot and bothered — literally.

“Now we know we’ll sweat during fake orgasms because we’re a little sweaty right now,” White-Phillips said. “I’ve seen the movie probably once or twice…I’m just delighted.”

Sun reporter Georgette Culley reenacting a scene from "When Harry Met Sally" at Katz's Deli
Sun reporter Georgette Culley reenacting a scene from “When Harry Met Sally” at Katz’s DeliWilliam Farrington

Three others — including a journalist and a brave guy — then stepped up to offer up their best mock “O.”

To win, fans must post a video of the performance either from the restaurant or at home, using hashtags including #katzsdeli #fakeitlikemeg and #whenharrymetsally.

Katz owners and a team of “social media influencers” will then decide who wins, based partly on the number of “likes” they garner. The winner scores a special package of deli meats from the 131-year-old restaurant.

This year, “When Harry Met Sally” celebrates its 30th anniversary.


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