Kmart customer shocked over ‘body-shaming’ insult

A Kmart shopper was lost for words over a ‘brutal’ comment another woman made about her body while shopping for a popular dress.

Tahrnia Peach, from New South Wales, was searching for the sold-out $25 Luxe Maxi Dress, which is said to be an affordable ‘dupe’ of styles sold by Glassons and Skims. 

The young customer managed to get her hands on a size eight, but claims another shopper looking for the same outfit said she ‘might fit a size ten better’. 

Tahrnia recounted the details in a TikTok video and left hundreds gobsmacked, but admitted the other woman probably ‘just wanted the last size eight’ for herself.

Tahrnia Peach (pictured) was searching for Kmart's popular Luxe Maxi Dress and managed to get her hands on a size eight in grey. However, while in store she claims anther woman told her she 'might fit a size ten better'. The comment left her lost for words

She goes, "Oh, is that a Size 8?" And I said "Yeah". And she's like, "You might fit a size 10 better". hat the f***?! Get your own dress, you little rat,' she said. After arriving home Tahrnia tried on the grey dress which fit her physique perfectly

‘I have seen this Kookai, SKIMS dupe dress from Kmart all over my For You page, so I’m gonna go and find,’ Tahrnia began. 

She filmed herself purchasing the dress then returned to the car looking stunned. 

‘So that was kind of carnage. There was one Size 8 left and this girl saw me grab it,’ she said. 

‘And she goes, “Oh, is that a Size 8?” And I said “Yeah”. And she’s like, “You might fit a size 10 better”.’

With a shocked look on her face, she paused then said: ‘One, not having a dig at Size 10s or anything, there’s nothing wrong with that – I can fit a Size 10. 

‘But like, what the f***?! Get your own dress, you little rat.’ 

After arriving home Tahrnia tried on the grey dress which fit her physique perfectly. 

The $25 Luxe Maxi Dress (pictured) has been in hot demand and is already sold out across multiple Kmart stores

Since posting the video it’s since been viewed more than 94,000 times and others were just as shocked.

‘What the!! Who says that to someone!! Eight is perfect for you!’ one woman wrote

Another said: ‘Looks so good on you.. glad you didn’t fall for her trick.’

‘Wow, that other shopper was brutal,’ a third added. 

‘The things girls will say. And also, she was wrong – Size 8 fits you like a glove,’ another added.

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