Kmart is introducing new ‘self-navigating robots’ called Tory to stores nationally 

Kmart to launch ‘self-navigating ROBOTS’ named Tory in stores across Australia: ‘I cant decide if they’re creepy or awesome’

  •  Kmart will be rolling out new ‘self-navigating robots’ dubbed Tory to stores now
  • The inventory counting machines will be in most stores by Christmas, bosses say
  •  Some customers have revealed their discomfort with the decision by Kmart

Kmart will be using self-navigating robots to count stock in most of their stores by Christmas

Kmart will be using self-navigating robots to count stock in most of their stores by Christmas

Kmart will be using self-navigating robots to count stock in most of their stores by Christmas – but the decision has divided shoppers.

The robots, dubbed Tory, cruise around the store counting stock so that the major retailer has a more accurate idea of product availability.

Speaking to FEMAIL Kmart Chief Customer Officer Lil Velis revealed the robot will help ‘more customers get the stock they want’ when they want it.

‘Tory is Kmart’s self-navigating robot that counts our inventory through RFID (radio frequency identification) technology in-store overnight, on a daily basis,’ she said.

And Tory stands out, the adult-sized robot has a bright pink base followed by a stack of thee white cube-shaped sensors and topped with a sign.

One TikTok user saw her local Tory and wasted no time posting videos of the machine online.

The robot also had a sign, explaining its name, job and asking customers not to worry about getting in its way.

‘Don’t mind me I am just counting stock on our shelves. No need to move out of my way I’ll go around you,’ the sign read.

The TikTok user said the robot was ‘wandering around’ the store during their recent visit.

‘Ours says hi to our customers,’ one Kmart worker said.

And while most people were excited to see the robot in action others were anxious.

‘Oh hell no, I would run if I saw that in my store,’ one man said.

‘This is how the machines take over,’ said another.

‘This is creepy as, I am glad they aren’t in my store,’ said a third. 

Some admitted they would ‘harm’ Tory.

The robot was spotted in Sydney's Burwood store

The robot was spotted in Sydney’s Burwood store

‘I want to press the red button so bad, or knock it over,’ one person said on the video.

While many complained the robots would be taking jobs.

‘This scares me, because I count stock for Kmart,’ one woman said.

‘Yo, is this the thing stealing y’all jobs,’ another said tagging her friends.


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The robots have been active for a few months, in select stores, and are ‘waiting in the wings’ at many more.

‘We have one of these out the back of our store – waiting to be set up,’ one Kmart worker said.

Some workers were shocked to see the robot in action during the day. 

‘Wait yours goes around while customers are in store? We put ours out on close,’ one woman said.

Others revealed they have had issues with their robots.

‘We got one and it died in less than a week,’ one worker said.

‘Ours broke too,’ another laughed. 

‘Ours doesn’t work either, no one has talked about it for months now,’ said another.    

The RFID technology means Tory can count and map stock that’s not in the right spot on the shelf.


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