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China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study this week on coronavirus antibodies among Wuhan’s population. The study, which involved a sampling of the population and was conducted in mid-April, found that 4.43% of the city’s residents had the antibodies. 

Roughly estimated, that means that nearly 500,000 of the city’s 11 million population contracted the coronavirus, a number that is 10 times higher than the one reported by Wuhan’s health officials. 

Experts have stated that testing mishaps early in the pandemic, as well as changing disease definitions and asymptomatic spread could be to blame for the discrepancy in numbers. 

Fast Facts

    • Study suggests Wuhan coronavirus numbers may be 10 times higher than reported
    • Asymptomatic spread, testing mishaps may explain underreported cases 
    • Wuhan officials previously faced scrutiny over virus timeline 

Wuhan officials faced scrutiny early on in the pandemic for not being forthcoming with information related to the outbreak.

The city’s timeline has concerned world leaders over who knew what when, and why it wasn’t immediately shared in an effort to stop the spread of the virus, which has since infected over 81 million people. 

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