Man slams Sydney as a holiday spot despite living there his whole life

A man has listed the reasons why he believes Sydney is a ‘boring’ destination for tourists, and why cities in other states are a much better choice.

Will Gibb, a comedian who lives in Sydney, said he couldn’t think of any fun activities to do outside of visiting the picturesque beaches along the east coast. 

The young co-host of the You Wouldn’t Podcast said Sydney as a whole has nothing to offer compared to other cities such as Melbourne or the Gold Coast

‘I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life. Sydney sucks. It’s not actually good. The only reason Sydney’s good is because my friends and family are here and I know all the spots,’ he said. 

‘What is in Sydney, genuinely? If I were to come to Sydney for a holiday, holy f*** would it suck.’

While the eastern city is best known for the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the two landmarks weren’t mentioned. Neither were any parks, bars or restaurants.

Sitting alongside his co-host Patrick Clifton, Will said Sydney has the ‘best beaches in the world’ but when it comes to other social activities there’s ‘nothing to do’.

‘Everything shuts early, I can’t think of a cool restaurant, the CBD is just awful,’ he said. 

Patrick then jumped in, adding: ‘The CBD sucks but all cities suck.’

Comedian Will Gibb has lived in Sydney his whole life but says the popular Aussie city is 'boring'. 'What is in Sydney, genuinely? If I were to come to Sydney for a holiday, holy f*** would it suck,' he said

Will replied: ‘Melbourne’s cool. If I go to Melbourne I know what I’m getting – a really cool city, layout, nightlife and coffee. 

‘Second thing, I look at Queensland, Gold Coast, you know. Big s*** holes but at least you know what you’re going for. It’s like the Dubai of Australia. It’s fake but it’s fun. ‘

He also said restaurants and bars shut early in Sydney, with few offerings available on Uber Eats late at night.  

‘It hits 9pm and my Uber Eats is like a barren wasteland,’ he said. 

Will also claims restaurants and bars shut early, with few offerings available on Uber Eats late at night (pictured with actor Jordan Dulieu)

After just 17 hours the video was viewed more than 262,000 times, with many weighing in themselves.

‘Sydney is a great city, but people forget how far away it is from other countries and relatively expensive. Beaches are only enjoyable in summer,’ one wrote. 

‘Melbourne is so good compared to Sydney. I went to Sydney for two weeks and it’s so boring compared to here,’ another added.

‘No good restaurants? Haha who is this guy?’ a third wrote. 

Another said: ‘I think this is how most people feel about their hometown/city or whatever you call it. Yet we love it because it’s home.’ 

‘This how I feel with Melbourne,’ one admitted. 

Others disagreed with Will’s claims. 

‘Best beaches? Western Australia and Gold Coast are monumentally better,’ one said. 

‘Try living in London or UK in general, Sydney is a dream compared,’ another commented. 

‘No lie though Australia is the best place in the world,’ a third wrote.

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