Married math teacher admits to sex with TWO underage teenage boys

Married mom and Christian school math teacher Chrystal Frost admits to having sex with two underage students from Crenshaw Christian Academy and forcing them to send her nude images

  • Chrystal Frost, 35, was reportedly caught when she exchanged nude images with a student on Snapchat, who showed his classmates
  • An investigation allegedly uncovered two sexual relationships with teenage students aged 15 and 16
  • She is facing a slew of charges including travelling to meet an underage child for sex and electronic solicitation of a child

A married Alabama math teacher at a private Christian school allegedly had sex with two of her former teenage students, police say. 

Chrystal Frost, 35, a mother of three, is accused of preying on the students and coercing them into exchanging nude images before meeting them for sex off school grounds. 

She resigned from Crenshaw Christian Academy after she was allegedly caught trading nude images with a 15-year-old student on Snapchat, when the teen showed his classmates.

A police investigation subsequently found that Frost allegedly carried out a sexual relationship with the boy, which led cops to discover another 16-year-old who she also allegedly targeted. 

When confronted by police, she reportedly confessed to the vile acts.

Chrystal Frost, 35, is accused of preying on the students coercing them into exchanging nude images before meeting them for sex off school grounds

The mother-of-three is charged with a slew of crimes including travelling to meet an underage child for sex and electronic solicitation of a child

The image that sparked the investigation saw Frost send an ‘obscene photo’ to the 15-year-old and ‘asked that the student send a photo from the abs down,’ according to an arrest warrant cited by Fox News

It was brought to the school’s attention by an anonymous tip, which claimed the 15-year-old was in possession of a ‘nude breast photo of the math teacher on his phone.’

After the teen had also reportedly shared the image with his classmates, an administrator confronted Frost, who reportedly admitted to sending the picture. 

She also ‘admitted to a different photo she sent to the cheerleaders where she pulled her Nike shorts up high allowing her butt cheeks to show, took the picture and sent it as a joke.’

On August 24, Frost resigned and the Luverne Police Department launched an investigation after being contacted by the school, initially only over the images. 

After a student told cops about the photo, the investigation escalated when he revealed the relationship was not only online, and the two had been intimate. 

The student claimed after sending a lewd image of herself, Frost then offered him sex. He reportedly said they met at least four times at a property owned by his family.

In another incident detailed in the arrest warrant, the student allegedly went to feed his dogs as he carried out his chores, where she met him and ‘performed oral sex on him’ in a car. 

Frost (seen in her mugshot) was reportedly caught by an anonymous tip, which came after one of her alleged victims shared a lewd image she sent with his classmates

She allegedly had sex with one of her victims, 16, before sending him two more nude images and subsequently blocking him on Snapchat

The relationship was put to an end by the student early in the summer, but police also allegedly discovered a second underage relationship she carried out with a 16-year-old who was in her class the year before. 

Frost allegedly used the same tactics to prey on him, and pursued him after he started homeschooling.

According to the reported arrest warrant, Frost sent him a photo of her breasts and asked him to meet for sex, which they allegedly did only once on a farm. 

‘The teacher made no conversations with him from arrival to ending of the sexual contact,’ the report said. It is claimed that after their tryst, she sent two more lewd images before blocking him on Snapchat. 

In a police interview, the math teacher reportedly confessed to the act and was arrested. 

She now faces a charges including meeting a child for an unlawful sex act, electronic solicitation of a child, two counts of a school employee engaging in a sex act, and two counts of a school employee distributing obscene material to a student. 

The educator resigned from Crenshaw Christian Academy (pictured) before her arrest after she was confronted by an administrator

According to its website, Crenshaw Christian Academy charges up to $410 per child for tuition per year, alongside further costs, including a $300 ‘facility fee’ per student. 

The private school, which is around 50 miles from Montgomery, Alabama, claims on its website its goal is to equip graduates ‘to live in accordance with Biblical principles in order to bring honor to Christ’s name.’ 

‘To develop character, including respect for self and others, that will provide a safe, disciplined learning environment adhering to Christian values and the Honor Code,’ the school’s website read. 

Crenshaw Christian Academy did not immediately respond to a request for comment when contacted by 


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