Massive breakthrough in the gangland slaying of Alen Moradian

Bondi Junction shooting arrest: Chilling moment underworld figure ‘Fatboy’ arrested over the murder of Sydney’s cocaine kingpin is spotted in a designer hoodie and dark sunglasses among mourners at his funeral

A man arrested over the alleged murder of cocaine kingpin Alen ‘Fathead’ Moradian acted as his best man and was even pictured mourning at his funeral.

Moradian, 48, was gunned down while sitting in his car in an underground car park in Bondi Junction around 8.30am on Tuesday, June 27. 

At 6am on Wednesday cops swooped on a waterfront Yowie Bay property in the Sutherland Shire where they arrested Luke ‘Fat Boy’ Sparos, 42, over the alleged murder. 

Moradian and Sparos were close friends and associates, with Sparos serving as his best man. 

He was even pictured at Moradian’s funeral in July, appearing among other mourners near the hearse, dressed in a black Givenchy hoodie and dark shades.

But now police allege Sparos was the mastermind behind his former associate’s slaying, believed to have been ordered over a half million dollar debt.

Luke ‘Fat boy’ Sparos (pictured, red circle), 42, was arrested in a dawn raid on Wednesday over the alleged murder of his former associate Alen Moradian

Sparos had acted as Moradian's best man (pictured, far left in black Givenchy hoodie wearing dark shades)

At the same time Sparos was taken into custody at Sutherland Police Station, police arrested Charbel Hachem, 31, at a property in Moorebank in Sydney’s south-west. 

He was taken to Liverpool Police Station, where he is expected to be charged with murder.

Police will allege Sparos masterminded the assassination over a $500,000 debt linked to Sydney’s cocaine trade. 

Neither man is alleged to be the one who pulled the trigger.

However, Detective Chief Superintendent Jason Weinstein said Sparos’ involvement will come as a ‘shock to the underworld’.

‘(Sparos) and Mr Moradian were very tight, very tight for a very long period of time,’ Weinstein said.

‘We’ll say that (their friendship) soured probably in the months leading up to the execution of Mr Moradian.’

Moradian, whose taste for the finer things in life once saw him spend $1million turning a McMansion in Sydney‘s north-west into a suburban palazzo, had been living in fear in the months leading up to his death. 

He regularly changed residences and cars to stay one step ahead of hitmen, even staying away from his wife of 15 years to protect her. 

But to those who knew him, Moradian was still instantly recognisable with a body covered in tattoos and a mouth full of gold teeth.

Alen Moradian (pictured), 48, was gunned down while sitting in his car in an underground car park in Bondi Junction in around 8.30am on Tuesday 27 June

Police will allege Luke Sparos (pictured), 42, was the mastermind behind his former associate's slaying

The gangster, who was also known as ‘Fathead’ was hiding out in a Bondi Junction apartment block in Sydney’s east when two gunmen ambushed him in the building’s underground car park about 8.30am on June 27.

He had been sitting in a black Audi RS4 leased from a car hire company in Sydney’s south-west when one of the shooters fired up to seven bullets into his head and body. 

Moradian’s wife Natasha told Daily Mail Australia two detectives came to the couple’s home in Sydney’s north-west and warned them both of an ‘imminent danger to him’.

‘They told him to move to a secure residence and change his routines and patterns,’ Mrs Moradian said. 

‘They were at our home for over an hour explaining how important it was. Alen left our home that night and did not return.’

Moradian, who had been released from prison in December 2017 after spending a decade behind bars for importing cocaine, was still on parole and took the threat seriously. 

But police refused his request to alter his reporting conditions so he could flee NSW.

Mrs Moradian blamed the police for her husband’s death.

‘This could have been prevented if the police force granted my husband approval to travel overseas or at least interstate,’ she told Daily Mail Australia on the day she laid him to rest. 


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