Matthew Perry’s assistant Kenny Iwamasa is seen at $6m Palisades home

  • Man believed to be Matthew Perry’s former bodyguard was also seen at the home, removing items from actor’s Aston Martin, and driving sports car away
  • Perry lived with his assistant, Kenny Iwamasa, 59, at a Beverly Hills rental for a year while his $6M Pacific Palisades home underwent renovations
  • Sources tell Iwamasa, who helped manage Perry’s affairs for more than 25 years, may have been the one to discover his body on October 28 

Matthew Perry‘s longtime assistant Kenny Iwamasa was spotted at the late actor’s $6 million LA mansion on Thursday for the first time since the tragic actor was found dead in his hot tub.

The 59-year-old, who had been a live-in caretaker for the beloved Friends star, was seen at Perry’s newly-refurbished Pacific Palisades home supervising work on the property

A man believed to be the Friends star’s former bodyguard was also seen removing items from the tragic actor’s Aston Martin and driving the sports car away from his $6m Los Angeles home. 

A large bag of Costco brand paper towels and a crumpled fast food takeout paper bag were cleared out of the $145,000 vehicle, which until now has been parked in the front driveway of the posh home.

Kenny Iwamasa was spotted at Perry's $6 million LA mansion for the first time since the actor was found dead. Friends believe Iwamasa may have discovered Perry's body

Iwamasa and Perry were spotted shopping together in August. Iwamasa had worked for Perry for quarter of a century

Perry's $145,000 Aston Martin was parked in front of the Pacific Palisades home on Thursday. Workmen were tending to the house and a friend was there to clean out the car

Perry had recently moved back into his newly refurbished home and was enjoying his hot tub when he died suddenly on October 28

On Thursday, exclusively reported  that Iwamasa had been living with Perry in in a Beverly Hills hideaway until just a couple of weeks before his untimely death.

Sources close to the star believe Iwamasa may have been the person who discovered Perry’s lifeless body in the hot tub at his newly refurbished house on October 28. 

The actor had been renting the three-bed hillside home overlooking Beverly Hills and the ocean for $49,000 per month for more than a year while his $6million Pacific Palisades house was undergoing renovation.

Iwamasa helped manage Perry’s affairs for more than 25 years.

The house’s landlord, John Malakzad, identified Iwamasa as ‘an individual living with Perry and monitoring him’.

Iwamasa did not respond to’s request for comment. 

Iwamasa had been pictured driving Perry, 54, around Los Angeles on errands and emerging from the Beverly Hills home in the morning, photographs exclusively obtained by reveal.

The Friends actor had moved back in to enjoy his refurbished Pacific Palisades house less than a month before he was found dead, by a ‘personal assistant’.

As his live-in PA, Iwamasa is believed to be the one to find his body.

Perry had another assistant, Briana Brancato, who had worked for the Odd Couple actor for seven years.

But Brancato 34, left to become a personal trainer just a few months ago.

A rental listing for the Beverly Hills property was removed in June 2022, likely when Perry started living there. The actor had been spotted at the home regularly since October 2022.

Iwamasa works as an 'executive assistant' employed by Perry's manager Doug Chapin

A man believed to be Matthew Perry's former bodyguard was spotted removing items from the tragic actor's Aston Martin, including crumpled fast food bag

The bodyguard also removed a bundle of Costco paper towels, before driving the sports car away from Perry's home

A pool cleaner was spotted entering the plush hillside property in Pacific Palisades, which the beloved Friends star had just moved back into following extensive renovations

Now the home stands empty, and last week trash cans outside were filled with mattresses and cushions as it is being cleared out for another tenant. 

Malakzad, who never personally met Perry, said he was a good tenant who moved out ‘a couple of weeks ago’.

Neighbors on the street, Chalette Drive, weren’t aware Perry had been living there, though they sometimes saw his staff including a housekeeper and assistant come and go.

The rented house has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and is 6,305 sq ft according to its listing on property site Zillow.

Its bright, living space had varnished floors and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that opened up onto a backyard with a pool and view that a neighbor told was ‘one of the best in the city’.

Iwamasa works as an ‘executive assistant’ employed by Perry’s manager Doug Chapin.

Earlier this year in February, Perry was spotted outside the Beverly Hills property as he had furniture delivered to the secret hideaway

Matthew Perry on February 7, 2032

The actor had been spotted at the home regularly since October 2022

Now the home stands empty, and last week trash cans outside were filled with mattresses and cushions as the home is cleared out for another tenant

Aerial images show Perry's pool and the hot tub at his $6million Pacific Palisades home where he was found dead late last month aged 54


Among his roles he lists: ‘Executive Assistant to personal manager responsibilities for 25 years (on-going) for client Matthew Perry (‘Friends’; actor-writer-producer).’

According to his LinkedIn account, Iwamasa had helped handle Perry's affairs for more than 25 years

‘I thrive in chaotic situations which call for order,’ he adds. ‘I am discreet, loyal and honor absolute confidentiality. 

‘I love deadlines, contracts, dotting i’s and solving puzzling situations and projects.’ 

Just two months before his unexpected death, and days after his 54th birthday, Perry and Iwamasa had been seen shopping together at The Grove in LA, reported at the time. 

One of Iwamasa’s family members who lives in Los Angeles confirmed to that the assistant had been living with Perry in recent months, though the relative had not spoken to Iwamasa since the actor’s death.

In Perry’s last post on Instagram he was pictured making the most of the hot tub that overlooks his coastal neighborhood during a moonlit night on October 23, five days before his death.

‘Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good?’ he captioned the post.

A source told People Magazine last week that Perry called his new home ‘heaven’ and ‘was incredibly happy’ after completing the work on the house. 

Just two months before his shock passing and a few days after his 54th birthday, Perry and Iwamasa were seen shopping at the Nike store at The Grove in LA

Perry also had another assistant, Briana Brancato, 34, pictured together in an Instagram photo

The actor’s family told the magazine: ‘We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of our beloved son and brother. Matthew brought so much joy to the world, both as an actor and a friend. You all meant so much to him and we appreciate the tremendous outpouring of love.’ 

Last week Perry’s friend, former Miss Teen USA Athenna Crosby told that he had been healthy and in good spirits in the days before his death. 

Crosby, who was the woman photographed having lunch with the actor at the Hotel Bel-Air a day earlier said: ‘I don’t think he had any desire to get back into drugs and alcohol.

‘I think he was so proud to finally be over that hump because he openly struggled with addiction for decades, and he was in and out of rehab as recently as the last couple of years.

‘He was relieved that he finally felt it was behind him, and he was trying to do everything to fight that.

‘While we were having lunch, he refused to touch the drink menu. He was saying that he’s gotten really into fitness and pickleball and he wants to get all his friends into it.

‘I think he was really serious about revamping himself into a whole new man.’

Other family friends reported that he seemed ‘fatigued’ in the days before his death.

The document also lists Perry's industry as 'Entertainment' and his stepfather Keith Morrison as the 'informant'

Model and entertainment reporter Athenna Crosby, 25, had lunch with Matthew Perry the day before he died in Los Angeles

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the glamorous brunette said: 'I don't think he had any desire to get back into drugs and alcohol'

He is believed to have drowned, although an official cause of death has not been announced. On Wednesday Perry’s official death certificate was revealed for the first time, but still had his cause of death listed as ‘deferred.’ 

First responders on the scene revealed that when Perry was found by his assistant, he was underwater. The assistant lifted his head up in a desperate attempt to get him some air.

By the time the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at his Pacific Palisades home, the actor was already dead, it was later determined.

A 15-second dispatch call revealied the moment his assistant called 911 to report a possible cardiac arrest.

Perry had been open about his past struggles with alcohol and substance abuse, but said in recent interviews he was clean and sober.

He wrote in his memoir, published last year, that he had spent $9million trying to get sober, revealing he had been to 6,000 AA meetings, gone to rehab 15 times, and been in detox 65 times.

First responders reportedly found antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications at the property – but there was no sign of any illegal drugs.


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