MCCAIN: Dems reduce visibly struggling lawmakers to political pawns

MEGHAN MCCAIN: Ailing. Frail. Incoherent. Why I feel so deeply disturbed by Democrats reducing three visibly struggling former giants to mere pawns in their game

No reasonable person could have watched Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s return to Congress this week and not felt deep sympathy for her.

At 89 years old, this great political icon, breaker of glass ceilings, trailblazer for women of all political stripes, was driven up to the entrance of the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday and helped into a wheelchair.

She sat hunched over, thin and frail. The left side of her face appeared frozen. One of her eyes was closed.

It was heart-breaking.

It had been nearly three months since Feinstein was in Washington, DC after being diagnosed with shingles.

Yesterday, it was reported that she was actually far more ill than previously known. In addition to the shingles, she was hit by a terrible complication from the virus that can cause lasting memory and language problems, mood disorders and other awful side effects.

She apparently appeared confused, claiming, ‘I haven’t been gone… I’ve been working… I’ve been voting.’ The senator has missed nearly 100 floor votes.

Regardless, Senator Chuck Schumer was there to greet her when she arrived.

It was a sickeningly cynical scene.

Even top Democrats don’t have the stomach to ignore the harsh truth. They require Senator Feinstein to be back in the Senate, because without her – a member of the Judiciary Committee – they can’t confirm federal judges over the objections of Republicans.

No reasonable person could have watched Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein's return to Congress this week and not felt deep sympathy for her

Senator Chuck Schumer (above, right) was there to greet her when she arrived. It was a sickeningly cynical scene.

‘We need her in committee and on the floor,’ Democratic Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin told Politico. ‘We’re doing our best to be sensitive to her medical condition.’

So, why won’t Senate Feinstein just resign?

Multiple Democrats have come forward to call for it, as Congressman Ro Khanna did again on Thursday. ‘I’m hopeful that people who are close to her can talk to her and just say, “Look, end your service with dignity. Step aside,”‘ he said on MSNBC, adding that it is ‘painfully obvious’ that the senator is not fit for office.

Potentially, due to the cruel realities of aging, the senator may be incapable of making this decision for herself. But her family, close friends, staff, and colleagues must know that this is no way for a political legend to end her career.

Well, this week we received reports of what may be behind all of this, and it is the most shockingly gruesome explanation imaginable.

Feinstein is accompanied around the Capitol building by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s eldest child, Nancy Corinne Prowda, who has reportedly, ‘assumed a central role in Feinstein’s life.’

In fact, when Feinstein traveled by private jet from California to Washington this week, she was accompanied by ‘her dog, her longtime housekeeper and Nancy Corinne Prowda,’ according to the New York Times.

The relationship is making many people uneasy. I am downright nauseous.

For a ‘Pelosi family confident’ admitted to Politico that the powerful ex-leader of the House doesn’t want Feinstein to step down. According to this source, it is in Nancy Pelosi’s best interest for Feinstein to hold on to her seat for as long as she can.

‘It’s very tricky, and political, because they want [Feinstein] to stay,’ said the anonymous source.

Allow me to explain.

Nancy Pelosi has endorsed sleazy Rep. Adam Schiff, who possibly did more than any other member of Congress to spread the Russian collusion hoax, to run for Feinstein’s congressional seat when her term expires in 2024.

However, if Feinstein were to resign, California Governor Gavin Newsom would be required to appoint a replacement, and he has vowed to put a black woman in that position.