Mcdonald’s disaster as mounds of delivery bags take over London store

A TikTok video showing the chaotic back room of a McDonald’s store has caused a sensation online – after the eatery was overrun with delivery orders.  

Fans of the fast food chain were shocked to see the delivery disaster at Orpington Delivery Kitchen McDonald’s via a video that emerged on TikTok this week. 

A still image at the beginning of the footage shows 31 separate delivery bags that can be seen dotted along a section of aluminum tread floor, that is labelled ‘bagging area’.

Numerous additional food bags can be seen to fill the collection area in the video that was posted on September 9.

Delivery bags also stretch all the way to other preparation areas, making it seemingly impossible for staff to pack any more orders.

Fast food fans were left shocked at the mountains of delivery bags that accumulated in the Orpington McDonald's branch

Food delivery drivers appear to be searching for their orders in the sea of bags in the video. The TikToker who posted the video hit out at the fast-food branch telling them to 'sort out' their 'mess'

In one still picture alone around 31 bags of delivery food bags can be seen spread out on the aluminium tread floor that is labelled as the bagging area. There were additional bags that also filled the collection counters

Food delivery drivers appeared confused as they tried to search for their respective orders among the sea of bags.

The TikTok user, @mrnatureuk, posted the video which now has around 490,400 views.

The caption reads: ‘Sort out your mess. It’s a disaster McDonald Orpington Kitchen. Lots of food has been wasted.’

According to McDonalds delivery procedure food products are first packed in to smaller bags and then placed into a larger, more sturdy bag, also known as an E bag.

This packaging is then double folded with stickers applied to each corner, along with a receipt displaying order’s delivery number.

If the order contains drinks they are placed into a separate bag. McDonald’s staff then crosscheck the order number the delivery driver’s.

This procedure is in place to reduce confusion and ensure packages are being given to the correct drivers and travelling to the right address. 

Foodies were left baffled by the tragic scenes, with one person even going as far as to say: ‘Delivery for McDonalds has ruined it. It’s made them far too busy…’  

Another fast-food fan added: ‘Fact. Have you seen how long it takes to get served when you actually walk in there.’

One branded the scene as ‘absolute choas’, while others were concerned about potentially wasted food. 

Others were left bemused to see the potential accumulation of not-so hot food, with one user writing: ‘Yum lovely cold food and melted milkshakes… and charged for this crap to be delivered.’

Another chimed in ‘No wonder I got the wrong food,’ while one person quipped: ‘This is why it’s always cold.’ 

But others stuck up for the fast-food brand, with one commenter stating: ‘As a McDonald’s worker I can say that head office won’t let us turn off deliveries and we also have to make all orders as soon as they come through.’ 

While some came to the defence of the drivers, with one person saying: ‘Why did they keep making it if it wasn’t being picked up.’

It is yet to be confirmed how much if any food went to waste as suggested by the viral video’s caption.

Fast food fans were left in shock by the shocking scenes at the McDonald's branch in Orpington

Hot food that has been held for more than two hours should be thrown away, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Unused McDonald’s food are thrown into waste bins and are then counted by a member of staff and logged at different points throughout the shift.

McDonald’s told MailOnline: ‘On Friday evening our Orpington Delivery Kitchen experienced an issue with a small number of delivery couriers, which resulted in a number of orders failing to be collected in the appropriate timeframe. 

‘We are thoroughly investigating this with our delivery partners to ensure this does not happen again.’ 


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