McDonald’s worker explains why she ignores drive-thru customers

A young McDonald’s worker has spilled why she ignores drive-thru customers who do one ‘annoying’ yet common habit. 

The employee who goes by maccasworkeraddict online, says she leaves people waiting if they are impatient and ‘scream hello’ as soon as they enter the drive-thru. 

Her hot take divided hundreds online with fellow Macca’s workers agreeing dubbing the common customer act ‘rude’ while others were left unimpressed. 

‘You can’t keep ignoring the car in drive thru just because they screamed ‘Hello’ as soon as they get there,’ the Aussie sarcastically wrote in a TikTok video

On her bio she reminds viewers: ‘Don’t take my videos seriously. They are all a joke’. 

Scroll down for video 

However the clip caused a stir in the comments as some users were quick to slam the ‘entitled’ behaviour

‘How about just saying, ‘One second, I’ll be right with you’? I say hello because I don’t know if they know I’m there,’ one viewer said.  

‘Big deal. Someone says hello as soon as they pull up…you need to grow up if that’s what annoys you,’ a second wrote. 

‘Ridiculous, do your job!’ added a third.    

‘I only say Hello! as nicely as I can, if I pull up and no one says anything for a few minutes,’ another explained, to which the worker replied: ‘That’s allowed. If you’re waiting ages then you can say something’.   

Her hot take divided hundreds online with fellow Macca's workers agreeing dubbing the common customer act 'rude' while the video left some unimpressed

‘Never say hello when I pull up. However, if I’m sitting there obviously before the other lane pulls up i will 100 per cent pull around and order at window,’ someone else added which she called ‘reasonable’. 

Many other McDonald’s team member agreed with the video with one saying: ‘Each time they say hello I make them wait another 10 seconds’. 

‘Amen I make ’em wait,’ another commented,  

‘You can tell who has worked in retail and who hasn’t by how they pull up and wait at the speaker,’ one viewer pointed out. 

”Hi, sorry I’ll be with you in a mo-‘, ‘CAN I GET A LARGE LATTE!’,’ laughed another employee. 

‘I relate whole-heartedly. I do this, or immediately reply ‘YES, How Can I Help You?!’ Making it known I’m irritated,’ a viewer said. 


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