Meet the duo behind some of TikToks most popular dances

  • Jess Qualter and Brooke Blewitt create popular dance videos on social media
  • They have amassed millions of views with their energetic and positive content 
  • In an exclusive interview with, the pair chat about their success

They’re the duo behind some of TikTok‘s most popular dances – but Jess Qualter and Brooke Blewitt’s success wasn’t a mere stroke of luck. 

Their passion for dance was so evident from the outset they were each enrolled in classes at local schools when they were just three years old. 

Growing up, Jess and Brooke worked tirelessly to build the foundations needed to break through as professional dancers until a chance meeting at musical theatre college spurred an unbreakable friendship.

While living together during the pandemic, a spontaneous idea to showcase their love of dance together turned into a viral sensation, launching a social media presence beyond their wildest dreams.

Their bond has only continued to grow after striking the perfect mix of entertainment, style and flair with their personable and often hilarious dance trends which have grown to include some of the world’s biggest music stars and collaborations with top brands. 

Here in an exclusive interview with, Jess and Brooke reveal how it all started and open up about the whirlwind success they’ve found as TikTok stars who boast close to 4 million followers on the platform alone. 

Jess Qualter and Brooke Blewitt create popular dance videos on social media to an audience of millions

Blewitt has been dancing for almost as long as she could walk, being enrolled in dance classes at the age of three at her local school in London

'All I¿ve ever wanted to do is dance and I'm so grateful that I get to call this my job,' Jess explained

The pair triggered more than 60 million views with their first video

Jess Qualter and Broke Blewitt

The pair met in musical theatre college

A career that involved a form of dancing was almost certainly in the stars for Brooke and Jess. 

‘Our dream was to be on the west end in literally any show. We still love musical theatre and always take theatre trips to see our friends,’ Brooke says. 

Brooke, from Essex, has been dancing for almost as long as she could walk, starting classes at the age of three at her local school in London.  

‘As I got older my love for dance and musical theatre grew, leading me to study it professionally at college where I met my partner in crime,’ she told 

While at the Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom Surrey, she became fast friends with Jess  who had been dancing for just as long after starting out in Fleetwood, England. 

By six years old, Jess was taking on dance competitions which she continued until she was about 15. A year later, she moved to London to train professionally. 

‘All I’ve ever wanted to do is dance and I’m so grateful that I get to call this my job,’ Jess explained. 

They moved in together after finishing their courses and took up multiple jobs together while auditioning for roles. 

‘We were definitely always close. Funny story actually, we both worked at the same clothes shop but they separated us so we were on opposite sides of London as they knew we were friends,’ Jess says. 

Endless opportunities have presented themselves for the duo who have proven themselves as popular content creators

The young women have been able to travel the world thanks to their creativity and hard work

Their dances can draw in millions of views

Brooke and Jess love to dance

During the pandemic, the duo spent a lot of time at home watching videos when they stumbled upon ‘Jiggle, Jiggle’ – performed by Louis Theroux to Amelia Dimoldenberg during their Chicken Shop Date. 

When Jess and Brooke first heard the viral track doing the rounds on TikTok, they couldn’t help but feel drawn to come up with a dance. 

‘When we first heard the “Jiggle Jiggle” sound on TikTok we thought it was so catchy and we couldn’t not dance to it,’ Jess said. 

‘We think maybe the reason it blew up so much is because the content is so relatable with us being in our tracksuits at home, also the dance being simple enough for everyone to have a go.’ 

In just two weeks, their video gained more than 60 million views and ended up being recreated by on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and performed by Shakira. 

As their audience grows, Brooke and Jess have been able to collaborate with music stars

One of their favorites was working with Meghan Trainor after choreographing moves to made you look

Jess says both her and Brooke are extremely grateful for the chance to connect with people around the world through dance

Now bringing joy to others through their often-viral routines has become one of their favorite parts of their job. 

‘We have so much fun creating our videos especially when we get to create our own dances,’ Brooke says. 

‘It makes us happy to see other people so happy when doing them. We’re both constantly on TikTok anyway so always finding new trends to do – and we both love music so were always on the lookout for new songs to dance to.’

The pair, who live in London, say coming up with routines is a joint effort – and they’re constantly bouncing ideas of each other. 

‘When we love a song or a sound, the choreography comes really easily and naturally. 

‘We never could have imagined the opportunities our first viral video has lead us to – we are so grateful,’ Jess says. 

Now they get to work with huge music artists to promote new music and also work with brands like ASOS and YSL to share new products with their audience. 

‘Celebrity collaborations is one of our favorite parts of what we get to do,’ Jess says. 

‘Every person we’ve been lucky enough to meet has been so amazing and inspiring. 

‘Meghan Trainor was definitely a highlight as we have such a special bond with her, and Ashley Tisdale was a crazy one after growing up with her on our screens to suddenly being in her house. 

During the pandemic spent a lot of time at home watching videos when they stumbled upon 'Jiggle, Jiggle' which was the launching pad for their success

Bringing joy to others through their often-viral routines has become one of their favorite parts of their job

Brooke and Jess travelled to Australia to meet with Trainor

‘Sometimes we have to check in with each other to make sure its all real.’ 

Their families are overjoyed by their success and couldn’t be prouder.  

‘We’re both lucky enough to have the most supportive families and we definitely wouldn’t be where we are today without them,’ Brooke says. 

‘The hours they spent driving us back and forth to dance classes and the money! At least we can say its all been worth it and we hope that we’re making them proud.’

They say nothing beats hard work and trying to find something you love to stay motivated. 

‘If you’re passionate about something keep going and give it your all. 

‘We’d say we have driven and determined mindsets and definitely think this is partly due to the intense training we had.

‘A massive part of all of this for us is not being afraid of what people might say, as long as you love what you’re doing, that’s all that matters.’ 


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