Megan Thee Stallion gives fans a look at her GRUELING workout routine

Megan Thee Stallion gives fans a look at her GRUELING workout routine that includes deadlifts and jumping rope

Megan Thee Stallion works hard to keep her famous hourglass figure in top shape.

The 28-year-old rapper shared a reel from two separate workouts that she captioned, ‘Gym recap’ for her 31.2 million Instagram followers, including a snap of herself in a tiny green workout crop top and dark green shorts.

She let her jet-black hair flow loose around her shoulders for both gym sessions as she gave her all into deadlifts and intense jump rope sessions.

Throwing in a promotion for her latest hit with Cardi B, Megan added in the caption, ‘Also this Jersey mix of #Bongos goes crazyyyy in the gym.’ 

In her second gym outfit, the San Antonio born beauty rocked a pair of tiny purple shorts and a bright orange crop top.  

Hot girl summer: Megan Thee Stallion gave fans a glimpse of her grueling workout routine — from deadlifts to jump rope on her Instagram page; seen Saturday

Gym, tan and laundry: The Bongos hitmaker flaunted her curves in two eye-catching workout sets

In the middle of the Instagram reel, the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star snapped the waistband of her green shorts back — to show off her snatched waist.  

The Cognac Queen singer appeared to be in good spirits — following news that her ex boyfriend Tony Lanez was denied bail and sentenced to ten years in prison for shooting Megan back in 2020. 

Letting her gym workouts speak for themselves, Megan flaunted her dramatic weight loss in a sheer dress at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week. 

However, the Savage songstress also announced this month that she would be pulling out of performing at the Global Citizen Festival due to scheduling conflicts. 

Staying busy as ever, the versatile performer also joined the voice cast of Big Mouth season seven as a new hormone monstress.

She also posted a humorous gag trailer for her fake production Dicks: The Musical, on her Instagram, joking that SAG had approved of her posting the video. 

The hilarious video prompted a fan to comment, ‘I will unapologetically consume any media made by Megan Thee Stallion. 

Her WAP and Bongos collaborator, Cardi B, also gushed about Megan during an interview on the Spout podcast.

‘I feel very special. I feel really, very like thank you for trusting me,’ Megan’s 30-year-old colleague said. 

Staying strong: The Hot Girl Summer singer utilized a yellow resistance band during one of her workouts

Green with envy: In both sets fo workouts, Megan rocked a cropped workout T-shirt and short short

Just do it: The 5'10 stunner stayed diligent during her resistance band exercises

Sporty spice: The rapper and singer looked ready to pose in an athletic ad as she went all in on her workout

No diva behavior here: A personal trainer watched Megan as she attempted to do a challenging deadlift

Going green: The music artist showed off her toned derriere as she worked through a heavy deadlift

Gains and glory: Megan chose to keep her long, raven-hued hair down and loose around her shoulders for her workouts

Pop and lock: The Cry Baby singer pulled off the perfect lunge during one of her workouts

Cool for the summer: The 5'10 beauty showed off her slim waist during one moment in the exercise recap video

She added, ‘I know what it feels like when you feel like everybody, like, turned your back.’ 

Summing up the ongoing drama between Megan and her ex Tory, Cardi said, ‘People just love something to debate about.” 

Megan herself appears to have completely moved on from the ongoing court drama. 

Choosing to post about happier things on her Instagram page, Megan Thee Stallion’s future remains a closely guarded mystery.  


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