Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby SPLIT after one year of dating

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby SPLIT: Bachelor In Paradise stars broke-up as they realized they weren’t ‘necessarily compatible’

Michael Allio and Daniell Maltby have split after one year together. 

The Bachelor in Paradise alums, who are 39 and 37 respectively, had fans of the reality television series, dubbed Bachelor Nation, believing they would be one of the rare couples actually built to last.

It was Katie Thurston’s ex boyfriend that broke the news on Jason Tartick’s Trading Secrets podcast, simply saying that, ‘We’re not together anymore.’

He expressed regret over the breakup, adding, ‘We both threw a lot into this relationship and it’s really awful when it doesn’t work out.’

The Bachelor Nation fan favorite made sure to note that the breakup wasn’t something either of them planned. 

The way they were: Bachelor in Paradise fan favorites Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio have split; seen in November 2022

Brokenhearted: It was Michael who broke news of the split on fellow Bachelor Nation alum's Jason Tartick's podcast

Back in Bachelor in Paradise season eight, the couple formed a quick connection — after Michael broke fellow contestant Sierra Jackson’s heart. 

Michael’s wife, Laura, had passed away from cancer in 2019 — he’d go on to make a name for himself in the Bachelor franchise in 2021 when he first appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Danielle had first appeared on season twenty-one of The Bachelor, when Nick Viall was the lead – she had lost her fiancé back in 2011 when he died by suicide. 

The couple bonded on the beach over their shared understanding of grief during the spinoff show’s eighth season, which aired a year after Michael self-eliminated from Katie’s season. 

It was Danielle who asked Michael out on the one on one date (with a little encouragement from Sarah Hyland’s husband, Wells Adams.) 

Michael — who left Katie’s season because his son missed him — fell hard for Danielle after their first date, where the pair shared a kiss. 

Referring to the moment as what he felt was, ‘the last first date of his life,’ Michael chose to pursue Danielle exclusively. 

Although he didn’t propose to his new lady by the time the season finale rolled around, the couple did exchange ‘I love yous,’ on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion. 

They had mutually agreed during their time on the beach that they weren’t emotionally ready to actually get engaged. 

Couple goals: Danielle and Michael were a fan favorite couple on Bachelor in Paradise season eight

Work in progress: Michael did admit that he handled the breakup with Sierra Jackson, who he dated on the beach before Danielle arrived, poorly

Tanned and ready: Michael felt a deep connection with Danielle after their first date

Back in the day: Although Danielle and Michael bonded on the beach, their connection wasn't strong enough to last longterm in real life

Look of love: Danielle has yet to publicly comment on the breakup

Can I steal you for a second: The couple bonded quickly after Danielle was the first one to ask Michael out on a date when she hit the beach in Bachelor in Paradise season eight

A love that lasts: The couple ultimately weren't 'compatible' according to Michael

Despite Danielle moving to Ohio to be closer to her beau and his son, the couple ultimately weren’t ‘compatible’ in the long run, according to Michael. 

Chivalrous as always, Michael made sure to note that it wasn’t Danielle’s fault that the relationship didn’t work out. 

‘You mourn the loss, not of just that person and that friend in your life, but also the future that you had envisioned,’ the Bachelor Nation heartthrob noted. 

He added, ‘We’re still working through some things and trying to stay close. But last couple months have been really tough.’


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