Middle school teacher compared 12-year-old student to Kim Jong-un

  • A 12-year-old boy alleged that his teacher compared him to Kim Jong-Un
  • The father of the boy found out about the incident a week later after his son’s behavior drastically changed
  • The Lake Mountain Middle School principal told the father that the teacher will publicly apologize and that the school is investigating the incident 

The Asian father of a 12-year-old boy has been left outraged after a Utah middle school teacher allegedly compared his son to Kim Jong-Un

The boy’s father, who remained anonymous, told ABC4 that the incident happened on October 24 at Lake Mountain Middle School.

The teacher allegedly compared the student to the North Korean supreme leader as they showed a picture of him on a large screen to the entire class, it’s claimed.

The teacher then asked the class if they agreed as some of the students laughed in response, the boy’s father alleges. 

‘Being ignorant is not acceptable when you’re grown up, when you’re kids you make a lot of mistakes and you learn from it,’ the dad told ABC4.

A 12-year-old student told his father that his Lake Mountain Middle School (pictured) teacher compared him to North Korean leader Kim Jon-Un on October 24

The father also revealed that other students made stereotypical comments toward his son as they called him ‘squinty eye’ and said that he ate dogs. 

The 12-year-old told his parents about the incident a week later, after they started to notice a drastic change in his behavior. 

His father said that his son had stomach problems that he thinks were brought on by stress from the situation. He added that his son got emotional as he told his parents what happened to him. 

Kimberly Bird, a representative for the Alpine School District released a statement and said: ‘Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in the Alpine School District. These types of accusations are dealt with quickly and in accordance with district policy.’  

‘Our policy outlines procedures for investigations, and when necessary, action that provides appropriate safeguards while investigations are ongoing.’

The father, who grew up in Japan but moved to the US to attend college said that this is not the first time his children have faced racial conflicts at school. 

‘Seems like a more wide-spread issue that needs to get more attention,’ the father told ABC4.

The boy’s dad said that he spoke to the principal of the school and was informed that the school will investigate, and that the teacher will make an apology to the entire class for their actions. 

The Utah State Board of Education told KUTV that in response to the incident, they’ve emphasized Title Six.

Title Six is a part of the Civil Rights act that prohibits discrimination based on one’s race, color or national origin in programs that receive federal funding. 

The father, who wished to remain anonymous told ABC4 that students also went on to call his son squinty eye' and said that he ate dogs

The teacher allegedly compared the student to the North Korean supreme leader (pictured) as they showed a picture of him on a large screen to the entire class

Janeeta Williams, President of the NAACP Salt Lake Branch told KUTV that she strongly discouraged the incident. 

‘This is humiliating. This type of racism is conscious and intentional and should never be tolerated.’ 

‘There is no excuse for this type of behavior. Students are sent to school to learn and not be made fun of. This teacher should be reprimanded and go through Diversity and sensitivity training,’ Williams said.  

The principal also told the father that they had a discussion with the school staff about race and discrimination. 

The father still feels that the teacher ‘crossed the line’ and wants the situation to be investigated further. He also and suggested that crucial adjustments need to be made in order to prevent this from happening again. 


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