Millions left baffled over video of girl, 10, ‘struggling’ to open CD

The video that will make you feel VERY old: 10-year-old girl goes viral after her mom shared clip of her ‘struggling’ to open a CD CASE because she had no idea what it was

  • The video starts off with the confused girl holding the CD and asking: ‘What is it?’
  • She is then seen struggling with the CD case about 42 seconds unable to open it
  • More than two million viewers have seen TikTok clip and it’s made them ‘feel old’

A 10 year-old girl’s struggle to open a CD has left TikTok baffled. 

The viral clip has gained almost two million views on the video-sharing platform, with more than 371,000 likes and 12,600 comments.

In the video, a Pennsylvania mother, known as ELS or @elspa570 online, said she handed her daughter, Tegan, a Now 21 CD, but initially took it away from her because ‘of what ensued’ and it had to be shared with TikTok.

ELS then gives Tegan the CD so ‘you all can see that the struggle is real.’ 

TikTok was left in shock over Tegan, a 10-year old girl in PA, who was unable to open a CD that her mom gave her. The viral video has gained almost two million views

The video starts off with Tegan's mom saying that she gave her daughter the CD, and 'took it away.' She continues: 'I'm gonna hand it back to her so you all can see that the struggle is real'

Tegan attempts opening the CD from different angles

She shuffles it multiple times, but is unable to find the opening

The mom ends the video with her jokingly blinking at the camera, in disbelief at what she just witnessed

For the next 42 seconds, the 10-year-old is seen stumped by how to open the case, asking: ‘What is it?’

‘What do I do with it?’ Tegan is heard saying as her mother urges her to ‘open it.’

But she continues to fumble with the case. 

ELS then turns the camera back on herself, showing her expression of absolute disbelief.

And it seems TikTok users were in the same boat, confused that Tegan was failing her mom’s challenge. 

One follower commented: ‘WHAT IS IT HAD ME IMMEDIATELY.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Why these kids making us feel so old?’

‘Watching her attempt to open every single side EXCEPT for the correct one,’ someone else said.

In a follow-up video, her mom advised her that the CD is 'kinda like a book' before Tegan holds the CD again and stares at it blankly

She gives it another go and she finally opens it up

Tegan finally manages to open the CD after several attempts

She holds the disk incorrectly and new comments emerged

One comment read: ‘I was waiting for it to pop open, and the dang CD to fall out, and get scratched.’

After this ordeal, Tegan’s mom decided to film a follow-up ‘redemption video.’

To help her out, ELS advised her daughter that the CD was ‘kinda like a book,’ so Tegan holds the CD, and stars at it blankly, while processing her next move. 

She shuffles it around in her hands and is finally able to open it as her mom says proudly: ‘There you go!’

Stunned commentators 'felt old' and were in disbelief over the viral video

The video continues with the mom teaching her daughter how CDs were organized in a CD book, to which her daughter replied: ‘So its like a baseball card book. Like a Pokémon card….’ 

Even after she managed to open the CD, TikTok users were quick to comment on another generation gap: Tegan’s handling of the CD. 

One person wrote: ‘Whyyy is she holding it like that, nooo she’s gonna scratch it.’

Another added: ‘She put fingerprints on it. No finger prints.’ 

A follower jokingly summed it up with their comedic relief: ‘Needs jeopardy music.’ 


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