Moment Just Stop Oil clown bashes a furious driver’s brand new car

This is the moment that a Just Stop Oil activist bashed a furious driver’s brand new electric car after a passerby tried to clear the eco-mob off the road amid traffic chaos in London.

The disruptive group, which aims to pressure the Government into abandoning fossil fuels once and for all, have boasted today of marching in Holland Park, west London, for 45 minutes without police showing up.

As protesters took to the streets of London again today, a furious passerby ripped the group’s trademark orange banners out of their hands and shouted: ‘People are trying to get to f*****g work. Get out the way.’

Amid the chaos, a man who appeared to be joining the slow march – and was filming content of it – hit one of the motorist’s car, sparking further fury.

The passerby shouted: ‘Don’t f*****g hit his car’. But the activist replied: ‘I’ll f*****g do what I want.’

The driver then got out of his vehicle and screamed: ‘It’s a f*****g brand new electric car.’ 

This is a breaking news story. More to follow. 

A motorist was furious after a man walking with the Just Stop Oil march bashed his new electric car

A furious passerby was seen ripping the banners out of the protesters' hands in west London

Activists from Just Stop Oil block traffic near Holland Park in west London today


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