Mum labelled ‘evil’ over lunchbox she sent to school with her son

A mum has shared her fun lunchbox hack – and claims it will get an incredulous reaction from kids every time.

Posting in a lunchbox focused Facebook group the mum explained she cuts her sandwiches in a far from traditional way.

The lines intercept at odd angles making each sandwich segment a different shape and size.

‘I highly recommend cutting your children’s sandwiches like this,’ she laughed.

A mum has shared pictures of her irregularly cut sandwiches - loves sending them to school with her son

The sandwiches confuse her son

‘The look of incredulity on my 10-year-old’s face was priceless. And even if they are at school and you can’t see it in person, you will know,’ they said.

The ‘evil’ lunchbox hack proved popular, earning reactions from 3000 parents.

‘I did something similar for my six-year-old and he wasn’t impressed,’ laughed one mum.

‘Hilarious,’ giggled another.  

‘Ohhh a new way to torture my five and six-year-olds,’ laughed another. 

But some weren’t on board with the creative cutting technique.

Another mum shared pictures of her tea plates wit tiny thumb-sized servings of breakfast foods

‘It is giving me an aneurism though,’ one mum said.

‘This is a crime,’ said another. 

‘My kids would be so mad and refuse to eat it,’ said another. 

One mum added her own fun food hack which made her kids think she had ‘lost it’.

Se simply served a mini breakfast with mini sausage, egg, and tortillas on a tea plate.

‘They were flabbergasted,’ she laughed. 


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